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Mastering Microsoft Teams video series: Part 1

Microsoft Teams is entering the business landscape by storm. Fueled by an overnight shift to widespread remote work, the collaboration platform rose to the top of business tools that satisfied the need to stay connected, while maintaining distance. But what is Microsoft Teams? And how can it help your business through these turbulent times?

At EO Johnson Business technologies, we knowwhen it comes to your company's resilience in the midst of challengeshaving the right tools in place is everything. Because Microsoft Teams is gaining a solid foothold in the business world, yet is still new to so many of us, we've enlisted our Microsoft Teams experts to develop a series of videos to help you know, understand and make the most of Microsoft Teams. We call it, "Mastering Microsoft Teams," and our first installment of this video series, "Intro to Microsoft Teams," is now live. To access this content, you'll need to first enroll in our Mastering Microsoft Teams series.

Let's take a closer look at the content you'll enjoy in this introductory video.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

In the first video of this training series, Dan Rickert, Microsoft Teams consultant, gives us an overview of some of the primary functions of Microsoft Teams.

Chat capabilities, Video meetings and calls, and app integration

"Communicating with team members is easy with the new chat feature, right on the top bar, or through a typed command or within any of our channels or teams," Rickert explains.

"A team itself is a group of people that work together on a regular basis. In many cases, these would be set up for a department or committee within a company or an organization."

Within each team, channels can be developed that include project-or-topic-specific team members. Notes can be easily shared within the channel within a wiki feature. Rickert also discusses how applications can be added, either at the channel level, or the team level.

In addition, Rickert discusses how to swiftly execute video meetings and calls within Microsoft Teams, to all team members, a single team member or within a project channel.

Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Are you ready to get started? Still wondering, "What is Microsoft Teams?" Check out our intro to Microsoft Teams video, the first in our Mastering Microsoft Teams training series. It's free, and at just four minutes in length, it's a quick overview of the productivity software that you can watch while you're waiting for that video call to start, or for that return phone call to come in. Again, to access this content, you'll need to register hereit takes only a minute.

And if you can't wait to get started, contact our Microsoft Teams consultants directly, At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we can help you with everything from licensing to making the most of Microsoft Teams within your organization.

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