Helps your IT staff achieve key business goals by offloading critical but time consuming tasks such as patch management and scripting to Locknet.



Helps your IT staff achieve key business goals by offloading critical but time consuming tasks such as patch management and scripting to Locknet.

The strength and depth of Netxuspro from EO Johnson Locknet® includes robust reporting that lets you have a birds-eye-view of everything happening with your network. Monitor and focus on status or detailed history with confidence.

Remember, everything in Netxuspro is included in Keysuite!

Executive Summary Report

The Executive Summary Report offers a synopsis of all your information ranging from Ticket Status and Disk Space Used to Patch Status, Alarm Notifications, and Network Health Score.

Netxuspro Dashboard

The Netxuspro Dashboard offers you convenient access to live online network reports, providing the detailed information you need.

Patch Management Report

The Patch Management Report monitors, illustrates, and provides history on many facets of your patch management program.

  • Provides excellent detail on the status of all patching activities
  • Provides a detailed history on all managed infrastructure
  • Illustrates credential success or failure, as well as security update status including missing, failing to install, or pending reboot.

Remote Control Report

The Remote Control Report details all remote control and FTP activity performed through the Netxus Platform in an easy-to-read fashion on a per agent basis. The report includes information about when remote activity started, stopped, how long the activity took, and who performed the activity.

Disk Utilization Report

The Disk Utilization Report provides a visual representation of remaining disk space for each agent across their organization using a bar graph.

For managed services clients, Locknet Managed IT Services includes a review of this report monthly via email that details any items of concern that are found.

Patch Management

  • Microsoft Security Updates
  • 3rd Party Software Updates


  • Custom Reporting Engine Provided
  • Services Report Library
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Report Review
  • Report Portal


  • Custom Scripting Engine
  • Locknet Managed IT Services Script Library
  • Custom Scripts by Locknet Managed IT Services


  • Custom Monitoring Engine
  • 24×7 Alert Monitoring
  • 24×7 Event Log Monitoring
  • 24×7 Service Monitoring

Remote Control

  • End User Remote Control Tools
  • QuickView Flash Dashboard
  • Live Connect PC Management


  • Organization Wide Software Auditing
  • Organization Wide Hardware Auditing
  • Network Presence Scans
  • On Demand Performance Monitoring

Active Directory

  • Basic Active Directory Support

Network Support

  • Full Helpdesk Support As Needed

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