Providing more than just printer contracts, our managed print environment helps make sure your printing is as cost-effective and secure as possible.  We’ll help you develop print strategies that build confidence and create efficiencies.


Providing more than just printer contracts, our managed print environment helps make sure your printing is as cost-effective and secure as possible.  We’ll help you develop print strategies that build confidence and create efficiencies.

The Right Devices in the Right Locations

With Managed Print Services from EO Johnson, your business benefits from an expert, consultative approach to developing a comprehensive strategy for your printer and copier fleet that gets the right number of devices in the right locations. This means higher productivity with lower cost of ownership.

We don’t just write printer contracts – with EO Johnson you have a true strategic partner for your business. Managed Print Services is a thorough process that looks at all the business aspects that inform your organization’s print needs.

1. Analysis

We assess your real costs by gathering information onsite about your current document workflow. This helps us diagnose where opportunities exist for improvement and efficiency with your print needs.

2. Print Optimization Recommendation

Based on our analysis, we’re ready to prescribe solutions. We’ll recommend a print management strategy that will optimize and streamline your workflow. This can include the software, hardware and devices you’re using, the toner and technology, and the impact to the amount of prints you’re printing. Our holistic approach is designed to find the cost, time, and efficiency outcomes that work for you.

3. Implementation Plan

Working with a dedicated team from EO Johnson, we’ll develop a detailed plan to minimize any downtime during installation. This includes assessments prior to deployment to ensure we’re proactive in addressing issues.

4. Regular Reviews

Once your managed print strategy is up and running, we’ll meet with you quarterly to evaluate your program, review page counts and cost breakdowns, and stay informed and proactive about your evolving business needs.

Office technologies aren’t our forte. When I have to deal with print-related issues it distracts me from doing what is core for my business. With EO Johnson, the print-related issues are being handled by experts, and that is a much better place for those to be.

More Testimonials
Jim Schroeder

President, Tri Mart Corporation

Behavior to Live By No. 13

No Time Like The Present

Sometimes it takes courage to be proactive. We are better off taking the initiative on the things we can influence rather than reacting to things we can’t control.

Centralized fleet administration

All machines are networked.

Reduced and controlled expenses

Cut printing expenses, track print usage, and reduce energy consumption with new machines and environmentally friendly supplies.


Vendor consolidation

Reduce the number of machines and vendors. Efficiency improves when complexity decreases.

Improved productivity

The right equipment is in the right locations.

Decreased demands on IT

We take the burden of servicing printers off your IT staff so they can stay focused on building your business.


Automatic supply ordering

Systems notify EO Johnson when supplies should be ordered so your staff doesn’t have to order warehouse supplies.

Improved infrastructure

You get new equipment, not old equipment that only gets serviced.

Tenured professional sales

Averaging 14 years with our company, our sales representatives are experienced and reliable.

The quarterly reviews we have with EO Johnson on our Managed Print Services (MPS) program are really beneficial. They know our organization very well, and we’ve built a solid partnership with them.

Vicki Lyons

IT Director, La Crosse School District

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