What is "WannaCry", how it's different and how to protect your IT environment.

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The words “talent crisis” definitely evoke meaning – five or ten years ago no one would know what you meant if you put those two words together, but today many businesses say this is the number-one challenge they face. In fact, the lack of available talent in some industries is literally (more)

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EO Johnson Business Technologies turned 60 years old on May 1, 2017.  On May 1, 1957 when Emery O. (E. O.) Johnson opened the doors of his business, The E.O. Johnson Company, he dared to imagine.  His dream was to own his own business and 60 years ago that dream became a reality. 

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Well-designed document management systems are getting high-fives from businesses of all sizes. Moving from paper to digital files offers impressive benefits including: opening floor space, lowering paper expenses, saving employee time accessing files, improving customer service, easier updating and increasing security from lost, stolen, or destroyed papers.

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Start to finish production print systems and wide format are flexing plenty of muscle over the more traditional processes. Future trending is strong. According to Info Trends, a leading international provider of market research for the digital imaging and document solutions industry, “Production digital color is growing dramatically, with volumes (more)