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Production Print & Finishing

Maximize your business potential and open new revenue possibilities with start-to-finish production print and wide format solutions from EO Johnson and Standard Dynamics finishing solutions.

Business Copiers & Printers

You demand multifunction copiers that are easy to use and cost-efficient. With thorough training and prompt service response, you’ll find EO Johnson’s copiers are as dependable as you are.


Locknet® Managed IT

Locknet® Managed IT offers security, network defense, backup and managed services to help businesses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa develop successful technology strategies, whether you’re small to medium sized, regulated, non-regulated, or have little to no IT staff.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our solutions help you with a specific document need or work together for a powerful combination to increase efficiency and productivity.


With more than 85 technicians throughout our service areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Northern Iowa, we have someone close by to help. The average response time for a technician to arrive at your site is under 4 hours. 

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Bulk Document Scanning Services

Turning Paper Into Possibilities


Digitize your paper, microfiche, or film into secure and searchable electronic documents with EO Johnson's document scanning solutions. We'll handle the bulk scanning of your old documents, digitize your information, and create an organized document management system so you can save on costs, increase employee efficiencies, and ensure document integrity.

We can help anyone digitize and organize their paper filing systems. Industries who have found our secure bulk document scanning to be especially helpful include:

  • School systems digitizing school records
  • Healthcare systems digitizing medical records
  • Government systems digitizing maps, files, and legal documents

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Scanning documents; digital scanning solutions

Customized Bulk Document Scanning Services

one time processing

One-Time Processing

A synchronized, one-time acquisition of all records — start-to-finish processing until the document scanning project is complete.

incremental processing

Incremental Acquisition and Processing

To help distribute costs over time, you may opt for incremental acquisition and processing of records.

Document Scanning

Store and Scan Processing

One-time acquisition of records with secure storage (monthly declining scale costs) and incremental processing through project completion.


“I have gained a lot of time in my day now that I don’t have to leave my desk to retrieve old paper files. All I do is click my mouse on my computer, and I easily get the record I am looking for.”

Chetek, WI


Digital Transformation Document Scanning Process



Records packaging, inventory, secure transfer to scanning office


Document Prep

Staple removal, page repair, taping and unfolding, document sorting and purging


Production Level Document Scanning

Automated blank page deletion, auto-orientation, automated document separation and advanced image processing


100% Page to Image Quality Control

Highest industry level, review of every page to each scanned image


Document Indexing

Automated capture of index values (barcode, text recognition), hand key data entry, ability to retrieve index values from customer database file(s)


Data Verification

Review of index values from completion and accuracy, comparison of inventory received (customer database) vs. data exported


Data Export

Multiple export formats available, compatibility with most EDM systems, delivery via secure FTP data posting (customer download)

Digitize Any Type of Document

  • Customer records
  • Medical records
  • Human Resources and payroll
  • Accounting and billing records
  • Case files
  • Loan files
  • Student records
  • Insurance records
  • Building plans
  • Maps and large-format documents
  • And more!

Benefits of Electronic Document Scanning

Document Integrity

We’ll help design a document scanning strategy that digitizes your files for permanent, safe, accessible storage, eliminating the risks associated with losing or damaging original copies. No need to be concerned about antiquated and costly backups like microfilm and microfiche.

Increased Efficiencies

Reduce document search and retrieval times so staff can focus on their primary job responsibilities. Multiple users can simultaneously access electronic documents, collaborate, and customize document workflows, allowing faster inquiry and response times for improved customer service.

Decreased Costs

Minimize staff time spent looking for lost and misplaced files, and reduce costs associated with old equipment maintenance, file cabinets, paper products, and more. Plus, recover valuable office space that’s being taken up by file cabinets and unorganized file boxes.

Information Security

Assign and manage user rights to ensure safe and secure access to data. Protect against theft of personal information and remain in compliance with robust audit trail reporting. Upon final review and approval, confidential destruction of documents and data erasure can take place.


How Much Does Document Scanning and Storage Service Cost?


Pricing is determined based on the total processing time and the number of images produced, so pricing will vary depending on the scope of your project. In the end, you’ll only pay for the actual images you receive. Multiple pricing options are provided to help you make the best decision for your business.









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