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Featured Case Studies

“By dealing with one team for our copiers, digital documents and Managed IT, we save time and resources while not compromising on quality.”
“With EO Johnson I have one partner for my document and IT services needs. That saves me time.”

EO Johnson Locknet®

“Locknet understands our core system and IT needs. We have a great relationship with them, and having them as my IT partner gives me peace of mind. I don’t have to stay awake at night because I know they are.”
“I personally called the support center with a number of issues to see first-hand how easy it would be to connect and get answers. They exceeded all my expectations.”
“In order to compete in the financial services industry, we need to constantly make investments in upgraded hardware and operating systems. As a community bank with limited resources, we look to our IT partner, Locknet, for that.”
“Working with Locknet is easy. We have a mutually strong relationship, and they really listen to our needs. Their extensive understanding of the banking industry has been a great benefit to us.”
“Having Locknet manage certain areas of our IT and regulation concerns has been great. We are pleased with their performance and confident going into regulatory exams.”
“Locknet Managed IT Services is a partner I can trust. We are able to work side-by-side and keep our IT capabilities moving at a fast pace.”

Print Imaging

“With EO Johnson as my print partner I don’t worry about our printers working – I know they will work. It is ‘set it and forget it’ printing, and I like that.”
“We value our partnership with EO Johnson for their quality service, state-of-the-art products, and ability to meet our printing technology needs.”
“The fear of our printers failing and stopping our operation has been lifted from me and is now in the capable hands of experts.”
“The thing I love most about EO Johnson is the service. Their service technicians are amazing. Sometimes they will stay after they have fixed the machine and run the job just to make sure everything is working correctly.”


“Moving paper files to an electronic format is a very serious and important project. From start to finish EO Johnson made that process seamless. I simply cannot say enough good things about how it is to work with them.”
“Moving all our documents to searchable electronic files was a big change. Through it all EO Johnson was perfect – they walked us through the process doing everything they could do to ensure it was smooth and complete. Now everything is at my finger-tips.”
“My favorite part about working with EO Johnson is the attention they give to us as customers.”
“It was surprising how quickly our new document management system with EO Johnson was designed and put into place. EO Johnson set up the system exactly how we wanted, and getting the information we are looking for is quick and easy.”