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Beyond Recycling Print Cartridges: Print Providers and Sustainability

2 min read


Why a print provider with a sustainable recycling program
is best

For many businesses, reducing environmental impact is an important part of their operating protocols. Recycling print cartridges and toner are an essential part of that—so selecting a print provider who has a robust recycling policy is key. Why are recycling printer cartridges and toner recycling so important? Can it really make a difference in the face of all the environmental challenges rising before us? Let's take a look at the value of working with a print provider who has a sustainable recycling program.

Why toner recycling and recycling print cartridges are so important

Printing is a necessary part of doing business, for most companies today, even as some pivot to digital solutions (and if you're considering digital solutions such as document scanning, and document management, we can help!). For those who rely on print to get the job done, doing so in the most environmentally responsible way is often important as well.

The environmental impact of printing is undeniable, which is exactly why this issue is so important to us as EO Johnson Business Technologies. Worldwide, over a billion inkjet cartridges are used every year, with less than a third getting recycled. Those cartridges, end to end would wrap around our planet twice. In the United States alone, we bury 150 million pounds of print cartridges in our landfills every year. Cartridges typically contain plastic components which take hundreds of years to over a thousand years to decompose. At EO Johnson, we're a family company that recognizes the importance of leaving the world a better place for the generations that come after us. That's why we're so committed to recycling print cartridges and toner recycling, and why we make it easier for you to engage in these earth-friendly practices.

Select a print provider with a sustainable
recycling program

Many print providers leave the dirty work up to you, expect you to absorb additional costs, or make eco-promises they don't follow through on. At EO Johnson, we believe environmental responsibility starts with us, so we have a recycling program in place with the purpose of simplifying your recycling experience. Here's how.

  • Our recycling program is offered at no cost to our print clients.
  • We accept toner bottles and cartridges of all brands and manufacturers. All of them.
  • You can pack items in your own boxes, or have boxes shipped to you!
  • We even have pre-paid shipping labels available via our website. Just print out the label, pack up your cartridges or toner bottles and we'll make sure they're recycled or remanufactured!
Get started with getting greener

Is your business ready to get started with toner recycling or recycling print cartridges? The EO Johnson recycling program is available to all of our print clients. To speak with a representative about how we can support your print needs, from print devices to print management, service, support, and recycling, contact us. And if you're already a client, and ready to make the most of our recycling program, you can read more about how to take advantage of this streamlined toner and cartridge recycling service here.



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