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Can Your Copier Do That?

2 min read


Features of copiers on the market today might surprise you

Copy machines are no longer simple technology that produces duplicate documents. Today, the features of copiers go far beyond those the business world has relied on in the past—and their modern-day features will likely surprise you. And while most still can't make coffee, they've become some of the best multitaskers in the company office, becoming far more than just a copier, with features that can save your precious time and bottom line. If your copier is still a monotasker, hold on tight for an eye-opening look at today's photocopy machines and their features.

An overview of today's selection of photocopy machines and their features

Let's face it, copy machines are workhorses of the office that are often taken for granted. That is until they run out of toner or paper—then suddenly we realize how necessary they are. Yet today's photocopier features far surpass those of the copiers of the past. We're talking smart technology that can order toner for itself when it runs low. We're talking copiers with scanning capability, emailing and filing functions, and automatic updates. And we're talking security features that make your whole business safer. Here's a closer look at some of the most celebrated and game-changing features photocopiers can offer today.

Cloud Integration

These days, the cloud is an essential part of doing business, particularly as organizations look for creative remote work solutions. Today's copiers can provide cloud integrations that make all of this seamless, including sending documents directly to OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint Online.

At EO Johnson Business technologies, our clients have access to multiple offerings with cloud integration capability including Papercut, Uniflow Online (which allows users to print from their cloud folders), and Ricoh RSI.

Fax forwarding and increased security

Some of today's copier technology has the ability to forward received documents to pre-programmed destinations. That affords you incredible flexibility, with the potential for documents to be sent to a destination folder, an email, an internet fax destination, and much more. You can even priority order destinations for documents, so if a receiver isn't registered for the transmission type at hand. the document is automatically rerouted.

Convert a hard copy document at the touch of a button

Imagine being able to convert a hard copy of a document into a Microsoft Word, PDF, or Excel file and even scanning them to email at the click of a button. It's the kind of technology that would have seemed impossible a decade ago, and now it's real and accessible to all small and enterprise-sized businesses. The benefits: substantial time savings, increased productivity, and streamlined workflows. Some technologies also enable you to print from your tablet or smartphone quickly and securely.

Is it time to upgrade, and capture the features of copiers today?

When it's time to invest in the future of your business, upgrading your copier fleet can deliver the wealth of capabilities you need to remain competitive. The photocopy machines and their features on the market today can save you money in the long run with their robust offerings. To learn more about the features of copiers, give our experts at EO Johnson Business Technologies a call. We may not be able to hook you up with a copier that makes coffee, but all that they can do might just eliminate the need for that java jolt—or at least afford you some extra time for the other tasks at hand.  




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