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Canon Introduces New Modular Colorado M-Series

2 min read

Jeff Reuter

Canon® recently introduced the new Colorado M-series 64-inch roll-to-roll printer. Like other workhorses in the Colorado series, the new M-series will help users produce high-quality applications under demanding productivity standards. It’s the fastest and most productive solution in this market segment. As a modular system, the M-series provides enhanced scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Three key benefits of the new Canon Colorado M-Series:

  1. Easily Grow with Your Business. The scalable series has two-speed configurations and a host of modular options so end users can customize their device according to their specific business needs and make updates to their printer as business grows. The M3 BASE configuration can be expanded over time up to the M5W PRO configuration, which includes increased functionality like speed enhancements, double-sided printing, dual-roll, white ink capabilities, and FLXfinish+.

  2. Flexibility and Wider Media Range. The scalable M-series offers a choice of speed outputs with the option to upgrade from one speed to the other either temporarily for production peaks or permanently. The white UVgel ink option allows customers to benefit from UVgel’s renowned performance advantages for premium graphics and décor applications including window graphics, labels, and wallpaper. With new media detection sensor technology for easy media handling, the M-series can print on heavily structured, transparent, colored, reflective, and magnetic materials.

  3. Improved Productivity and Efficiency. Like other Colorado configurations, the M-series is designed to handle the workload of multiple legacy roll-to-roll printers with minimal operator intervention. When it comes to white printing speed, the M-series outperforms its competition with 2-3 times faster output while using 50-70% less ink. The non-evaporative UV gel ink keeps the white pigments suspended and the nozzles are available when needed. There is no need for any additional cleaning and storing of print heads. The instant drying properties enable immediate cutting and finishing, and its durability removes the need for lamination. The new M-series Colorado printers are supported by PRISMAguide XL, the software which allows for easily reusable print recipes and effortless production runs.

“Since its inception, the Colorado printers with UVgel ink have provided amazing speed, quality, and all-around productivity,” said Rich Reamer, senior director of marketing, Canon® U.S.A. Inc. “In addition to those business-critical criteria, Canon® has strategically introduced the new UVgel white ink option in the Colorado M-series. This can help our customers significantly expand their range of applications, for potential added revenue opportunities, particularly in window graphics, labels, and wallpaper.”

The latest white ink technology from Canon is truly a game changer. In addition to white ink being available as needed, the unique gel formulation provides a fast build-up of dense and opaque white images with up to five layers in fewer passes than with conventional printing technologies. Plus, the printed material maintains its original whiteness over time. Canon describes it as “white ink without worry.”

Schedule a demonstration at our customer experience center

The benefits of the new Canon® Colorado M-Series impact more than one area of your business – productivity, flexibility, and scalability. It will be one of the newest additions to our state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center. We’re scheduling demonstrations this summer, and you can be one of the first to see this new printing technology in action. Contact us to learn more or schedule a visit.




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