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Cyber Resilience in a Remote Working World

2 min read

Ben Potaracke

Cybercriminals are Circling, but Cyber Security Companies have got your Back

In the remote working world, cyber resilience is essential. Because while we as business leaders may be overwhelmed by the challenges we face in this pandemic playing field, cybercriminals are in their element. Hackers and other online scammers thrive on chaos, because they know it often leaves the doors wide open to vulnerable networks and valuable data. The good news is, cyber security companies, like Locknet Managed IT, have got your back. To help you through the rough road ahead, we've compiled expert advice on simple steps you can take to build cyber resilience within your organization.

Tips to combat threats like phishing, ransomware and breaches

Just because your staff are dispersed and/or working from home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice network security. Quite the contrary. In fact, it's specifically because of the rapid changes around us that we must be particularly diligent. The truth is, cybercriminals will capitalize on any network vulnerabilities—and right now, the risk is high. Like everyone, cybercriminals may have experienced job loss and are likely to be looking to make extra income...so the free time and motivation are there. More, because of the scope of the crisis, it's easy for cybercriminals to capitalize on the fear and knee-jerk reactions of the public by leveraging the headlines of the day. The threats are real, and they're rampant.

You don't have to go it alone, no matter what the size of your company. Cyber security companies like Locknet are here to help you along the way. Here are our pro tips for building cyber resilience in your organization.

Install endpoint security, antivirus protection

All devices simply must have endpoint security installed. We can help. Require all staff to keep their device protection up to date, for any device that they use for work-related activities: phones, laptops, tablets and more. It's all-too-easy to skip updates, so make it an expectation.

Train staff on best practices for cybersecurity

Many cyber security companies, including Locknet, provide training for staff on how to optimize security. Creative training for remote staff can be arranged, while respecting physical distancing guidelines. Your employees will learn the hidden dangers in email attachments, downloads, social media and more—and they'll become well-versed in the risks related to phishing, breaches, malware and ransomware. The best protection is always prevention, and you can get there with the right security education.

Utilize VPN technology

Your employee working from home may have the best of intentions, but if they are logging on from the open networks at their apartment buildings, it could spell bad news for your network security. VPN provides protection to your employees, no matter where they're logging onto the network from.

Provide the collaboration tools your staff need

Secure collaboration tools and protection are vital to the sustainability of your business. And while there are a lot of providers touting their collab tools right now, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is protected. After all, the future of your business is at stake. Our experts can help you find the tools you need to get the job done, without compromising security.

Backup, encryption and monitoring

Preparation for crises like this one is key. To stay productive in challenging times, you need migration safeguards for your data, device monitoring with remote erase capability (in case a device gets lost or stolen) and data encryption.

Cyber security companies like Locknet can help your organization with cyber resilience

When it comes to cyber resilience, you can't go it alone. Even organizations with robust IT departments are scrambling to manage the new normal with a remote workforce and the unique security challenges it presents. The experts at Locknet and EO Johnson Business Technologies are here to help. Contact us to learn more about how you can feel secure in your company's cyber resilience, no matter what comes our way.



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