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Enhancing Print Quality with G7 Color Management

3 min read

Jeff Reuter

In the world of print and digital media, color accuracy is paramount. Consistency and accuracy in color reproduction are essential for maintaining brand integrity, ensuring customer satisfaction, and achieving desired visual impact. It can make or break the visual appeal and effectiveness of a design. This is where G7 color management comes into play. It's an international standard that ensures consistency and quality across different printing devices and mediums. In this blog post, we delve into G7 color management, its principles, and the numerous benefits it offers.


What is G7 Color Management?


G7 color management is a methodology developed by IDEAlliance, a division of PRINTING United Alliance, a leading industry association in print and digital media.

Rather than using a subjective method like visual inspection, G7 uses a numerical method to help printers validate color controls. G7-certified printers can balance cyan, magenta, yellow and black so they have a shared neutral appearance regardless of the color imaging process or device used.

The G7 methodology is employed to accurately adhere to ISO standards and can be easily applied to any printing system – whether it’s offset, flexo, gravure, screen, wide format, digital (toner and inkjet), industrial inkjet, or dye-sublimation.


Principles of G7 Color Management


Grayscale calibration

G7 primarily focuses on aligning the tonal response curves of different printing devices to a neutral grayscale. By standardizing the reproduction of neutral tones, G7 ensures that colors appear consistent and accurate across various printing technologies.


Tone Value Increase (TVI) compensation

Dot gain, the phenomenon where printed dots appear larger than intended, can distort color reproduction. G7 incorporates TVI compensation techniques to mitigate this effect, resulting in more predictable and precise printing outcomes.


Color space alignment

G7 aligns color spaces across different printing devices, ensuring that colors are reproduced consistently regardless of the printing technology used. This alignment is achieved through careful calibration and characterization of each printing device involved in the production process.


Process control

G7 emphasizes continuous process control through measurement, analysis, and adjustment. By monitoring color output in real-time, printers can identify deviations from the G7 standard and make necessary adjustments to maintain color consistency throughout the production run.


Benefits of G7 Color Management


There are several benefits to implementing G7 color management in your printing process.

  • Consistency across print runs: One of the primary benefits of G7 color management is its ability to deliver consistent color reproduction across different print runs, printing devices, and substrates. This means that brand colors will look the same whether they're printed on business cards, banners, or brochures.
  • Reduced waste and rework: By standardizing the printing process and minimizing color variations, G7 helps reduce waste from trial-and-error attempts to match color. Printers can achieve desired color outcomes more efficiently, resulting in cost savings and improved productivity.
  • Improved color accuracy: G7's focus on grayscale calibration and TVI compensation leads to improved color accuracy, enhancing the overall quality of your prints.
  • Enhanced workflow efficiency: With G7 color management, printers can streamline their workflow and minimize the need for manual adjustments and color corrections. Automated processes for color calibration and process control help save time and resources, allowing printers to focus on delivering high-quality output.
  • Enhanced capacity: By minimizing the need for color matches and reruns, printing presses experience increased availability and productivity. Implementing G7 color management allows printers to take on more projects, thereby expanding their workload and revenue potential.
  • Customer satisfaction: Consistent and accurate color reproduction enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring that printed materials meet or exceed expectations. Whether it's brand collateral, product packaging, or promotional materials, clients can rely on G7-certified printers to deliver visually appealing and professional-looking output.

Partner with EO Johnson for G7 Color Management Certification and Guidance


In an increasingly competitive market where print quality and consistency are paramount, G7 color management offers a proven solution for achieving superior color reproduction. G7 color management certification is a testament to a printer's commitment to quality and consistency. To achieve this certification, a printer must demonstrate their ability to produce prints that adhere to the G7 methodology. This involves rigorous testing and evaluation by a certified G7 expert.

Having the G7 color management certification gives printers a competitive edge. It assures clients they can expect high-quality prints with consistent colors every time.


EO Johnson’s G7-certified production print experts are available to educate your organization about the benefits of G7 color management. We can also help facilitate G7 certification of your commercial printing facility. It's not just about achieving vibrant colors—it's about unlocking the full potential of your printing business. Contact us today!



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