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How EO Johnson Can Support Your Commitment to Sustainability

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Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. Instead, companies are making commitments to meet today’s resource needs while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs as well. For most businesses today, reducing their environmental impact is an essential part of their operating plan. Your business’s printer and technology provider might not come to mind first as a resource for your sustainability strategy, but there are several ways EO Johnson can reduce your organization’s impact on the environment.

Three ways we can support your company’s commitment to sustainability

Toner and Print Cartridge Recycling

The environmental impact of printing is undeniable. Worldwide, over a billion inkjet cartridges are used every year, with less than a third getting recycled. In the US alone, we bury 150 million pounds of print cartridges in our landfills every year. Cartridges contain plastic components which can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. EO Johnson is committed to recycling your company’s print and toner cartridges. In 2022, we recycled 17,800 lbs. of print and toner cartridges which equates to eliminating the CO2 emissions from 2,560 gallons of gasoline. If you aren’t already doing so, it’s easy to add this recycling program to your sustainability efforts. Here is how it works:

  • Toner bottles and cartridges of ALL brands and manufacturers are accepted.
  • Pack them in your own boxes or have boxes shipped to you.
  • Pre-paid shipping labels are provided. Just print the label, pack the box with cartridges, and we’ll take care of the recycling.
  • Our recycling program is at no cost to our print service clients.

Managed Print Services

Technological advances in printing solutions can help your company be greener. Establishing a Managed Print Service will find efficiencies in your printer fleet which can include consolidating devices or replacing older devices with more advanced energy-efficient machines. In fact, the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire recently completed a multi-year printer sustainability initiative through the help of EO Johnson.

In addition, EO Johnson’s PaperCut™ technology can reduce the amount of printing done in your workplace. With smart printer set-up strategies, PaperCut™ has saved over 2.4 billion pages of paper from ever being printed – that’s over 240,000 trees! Here are a few of the environmental benefits of utilizing PaperCut™ with your EO Johnson printer fleet.

  • Secure print release means pages aren’t printed unnecessarily and left sitting on a printer. Instead, they are only released to print when the employee scans a fob to do so.
  • Print quotas can be applied to keep users accountable for the amount of printing they do.
  • Print filters are established to convert print jobs to greyscale and double-sided printing automatically.
  • An executive report allows you to see your organization’s specific environmental savings.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Areas of your company like human resources, accounts payable, and accounts receivable typically have a lot of paperwork. While paper printing is a necessary part of doing business, there are some strategic ways to leverage technology to efficiently manage how information moves through your organization. EO Johnson’s digital transformation solutions allow you to manage, store, and share documents electronically to improve efficiency and have less paper waste. Here are just a few of the environmental and operational benefits of electronic document storage.

  • Use less paper, print less, and create less paper waste
  • Free up space by reducing paper file cabinet storage
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced paper files
  • Create process improvements and efficiencies
  • Collaborate better across roles and departments
  • Establish secure electronic file access

Supporting your company's vision

At EO Johnson, our partnerships always include supporting our customers’ visions for their businesses. If sustainability is part of your company’s social responsibility directive, we can help layer in printing and technology solutions to support your goals. Contact our team of experts to learn more.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability

Additionally, if you are a customer who isn’t already participating in our electronic services like ACH payment and electronic invoicing, we encourage you to do so, join us in our commitment to sustainability, and help us reduce paper waste.



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