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Print Security: It's Time to Think Differently About Your Printers

2 min read


Auditing your printer security strategy is essential

News headlines about massive data breaches grace the news feeds seemingly every week. Yet one of the biggest vulnerabilities posed to businesses is often hidden in the margins: print security. So while cybercrime is estimated to cost the world economy $6 trillion dollars this year, (the greatest transfer of wealth in history), one of the primary doorways through which these crimes are perpetrated remains wide open.

If this is the first time you're truly considering the security of your print fleet, you're not alone. Most of us think of our computers as the main entry point for hackers, or some internet porthole to our network we don't really understand. Yet your office printer, that seemingly innocuous but vital assistant to everyday operations, can usher hackers into your enterprise, essentially granting them open access to all of your data. Unsecured multifunction printers are—in actuality—prime targets for hackers.

It's time to think differently about your printers. Simply put, it's essential to reconsider your security strategy and incorporate printers.

Are your printers vulnerable? (Hint: Probably)

Today's businesses rely on multifunction printers to meet their daily needs, which may include printing, scanning, copying, and maybe even faxing capabilities. For most organizations, having a single device that addresses multiple needs is not only budget-wise but constitutes a wise use of space and improved workflow. Chances are, your company also depends on multifunction devices to get the job done. Yet unsecured multifunction printers are an easy target for cybercriminals. And that means your printer could put your organization's data in a tenuous position.

It's time to audit your company's printer security strategy

Taking a close look at your organizations' printer security strategy offers the opportunity to identify printer vulnerabilities that exist. From there, network security experts can address those issues and ensure your organization is protected from the latest security threats on the digital landscape. These threats are always evolving, and hackers refine their strategy constantly—meaning those of us trying to protect our networks need to do the same. Working with a trusted network security partner such as Locknet® Managed IT (part of our family of companies) is key, as is ensuring your devices are protected with the latest technologies. At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we know that the printer fleet you invest in has to perform, and your business has unique needs that must be met so that you can serve your clients well. Buying technology online doesn't give you the first-hand knowledge you need to make the best choices. Our Customer Experience Center allows you to test out the available models we stand behind, in person, so that you can make an informed decision about the print technology you invest in. So, whether you are looking to upgrade your desktop printer fleet, purchase a large format printer, or build out the capabilities of your in-house print shop, you will feel confident in the choices you make for your print investment.

Printer vulnerabilities: exposed at last

In a recent industry survey, fewer than 20% of respondents believed their printers were at high or moderate risk of attack and breach. The reality of printer vulnerabilities is in stark contrast. Networked printers are a porthole to business networks that is often left unprotected. Is it time to audit your print security strategy, or upgrade your printer fleet to meet these threats head-on? We can help. Contact us to learn more about the importance of print security, identifying printer vulnerabilities, and updating your print security strategy to meet modern-day threats.


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