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Three Signs Your Business Could Benefit from a Digital Mail Service

2 min read


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying competitive requires agility, efficiency, and adaptability. One often overlooked area that can significantly impact these qualities is the mailroom. Traditional mailrooms, with their manual sorting and distribution processes, can be time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive. This is where a digital mailroom comes into play. A digital mail service is a system that automates the handling and processing of physical mail, converting it into a digital format for easy, efficient management. It eliminates the need for your employees to handle mail sorting and delivery. Here are three signs that indicate your business could benefit from implementing a digital mail service.


Multiple work environments

For businesses with multiple locations or remote and hybrid teams, managing physical mail becomes a logistical challenge. Traditional mail distribution systems may result in delays, misrouting, or loss of critical documents. A digital mailroom solves this issue by providing a centralized platform where all incoming mail is digitized, allowing employees from various locations to access and process it from anywhere with an internet connection.

This centralized approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that important documents are not lost in transit. It streamlines communication and collaboration between teams, regardless of their physical location, fostering a more seamless and connected work environment.


Regulatory compliance and security concerns

In industries with stringent regulatory requirements, compliance with data privacy and security standards is paramount. Handling sensitive information through traditional mail systems can expose businesses to significant risks, including loss, theft, or unauthorized access.

A digital mailroom addresses many of these concerns by incorporating robust security measures. Access controls and audit trails safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, organizations can incorporate compliance-driven workflows, ensuring that documents are handled and stored in accordance with industry-specific regulations.


Business growth with a lack of resources

As businesses grow, so does the volume of incoming mail. Handling a large influx of physical documents can quickly overwhelm traditional mailroom operations. Manual sorting, routing, and processing become labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors. A digital mailroom accelerates the processing time, reducing the risk of delays or overlooked items. Employee resources who were handling traditional mail sorting can be reallocated to more value-added roles in your organization.


EO Johnson’s digital mailroom delivers on service

Incorporating a digital mail service is a good first step in your digital transformation. Here is a quick snapshot of how EO Johnson’s digital mailroom service works.

  • Your paper mail is forwarded to a secure P.O. Box and is ultimately received by EO Johnson
  • Mail is opened and can also be sorted if needed, and it is then scanned.
  • Digital files are securely delivered where they can then be routed to the proper recipient(s)
  • Timeframes are established with each client for how long we retain the paper mail.
  • Digital mail can be integrated into other client document management systems and processes.

In a digital-first era, embracing technology to streamline operations is a necessity. A digital mailroom offers a transformative solution for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and security. By automating the handling of physical mail, organizations can unlock new levels of productivity, compliance, and geographic flexibility.

If your business exhibits any of the signs mentioned above, it may be time to consider implementing a digital mail service. EO Johnson is a SOC 2 Type 2 audited service provider, ensuring the highest level of commitment to security and data privacy. Contact our Digital Transformation Consultants to learn more about how you can get started.



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