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Managed Print Services in Schools

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Getting more done for less

Incorporating a managed print service for your school, whether it’s a K-12 setting or a higher education university, can have a positive impact on your staff, students, and the district’s bottom line. One of the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic was how to make the most effective use of technology. And while those circumstances propelled educators to layer in more electronic devices and be more adept at using video conferencing, printers and copiers remain the backbone of any school’s infrastructure. As educational facilities often struggle to balance budget restrictions with the needs of staff and students, managed print services can have a big impact.

The benefits of managed print services in education

Improved Technology Features and Support. With managed print services for education, technical support is readily available as part of the plan, reducing the burden on a school’s IT team which is already often stretched thin. Your printing equipment is also more secure with the latest firmware, encryptions, and virus protections in place to avoid hackers. In addition, managed print services include mobile printing options which allow teachers to print from anywhere.

Print release options are also available. Instead of just printing in real-time and letting the material sit on the printer until someone is ready to get it, the print release places the document on hold until the person who has requested it authenticates it and releases it to the printer. This feature helps with the confidential information that may be on school documents while also alleviating the waste of printing something that never gets picked up.

Upgraded Equipment and Services. As part of your managed print service program, an assessment will be done of all the equipment currently in use. Your managed service provider will consult with you on the best mix of equipment to suit the needs of your institution. Often upgraded equipment will be introduced to provide the latest in equipment technology that is more secure and user-friendly.

With managed print services, you never have to worry about keeping track of toner levels or page counts again. All your equipment will be connected, accessible, and secure through platforms that allow remote monitoring of product and service needs.

Ongoing Account Management. No managed print service solution can be properly designed without a true understanding of the environment. Your provider will consult with you to understand key objectives, challenges, current technology, and budget to design and implement a long-term managed print service strategy.

Additionally, you will receive ongoing account reviews at a frequency that works best for you. This will include data and reporting on the managed print service program in your organization and a discussion of any questions you may have. Things you might expect in your account review include reporting on the amount of printing done and information on service history.

Cost-effective Printing. A managed print service doesn’t need to cost your school a lot of money. In fact, it should actually save you a considerable amount. Managing and maintaining individual devices could be costing you a lot of money and time. A major benefit of managed print service is analyzing the costs of your current print environment and then finding ways to reduce this. Schools can get the machines they need, eliminate machines that might be underperforming, and only pay for the services required. And because typical add-on expenses like toner are already wrapped up in your fixed costs, managed print services are easier to incorporate into your budget.

How EO Johnson can help

EO Johnson has helped many schools in the Midwest through managed print service programs. We understand the demands placed on schools, the requirements for security, and the budget parameters they work within. Let us know how we can help you create a better copier and printer program.



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