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Return to Work Essentials
Posted by Dan Rickert

How to safely return to the office

Businesses that swiftly moved to remote working six months ago are starting to return to the office, and as they do so it's vital to know exactly how to return to the office safely, to keep staff and clients healthy. If you're feeling apprehensive, you're not..

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There are many benefits to MSP IT Patch Management

IT patching, or patch management, ensures that your software is updated, fully functional, and secure—meaning it's an essential component of your business operations. Sometimes, it requires immediate response to protect an organization from..

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Demo Models moving out to make room for latest tech

At EO Johnson Business Technologies, our Customer Experience Center allows clients to see and experience the latest in production print and digital press technologies first hand. It's a unique opportunity, as there's nothing quite like it in..

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How to Clean a Printer
Posted by Frank Paulich

These days, sanitizing your multifuction device is key

To keep employees, customers and the general public safe, these days you have to know how to clean a printer. Shared surfaces, like those on multifunction devices, can be easily sanitized between uses to minimize the spread of..

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Buying local protects you from PPE Scams in several ways

From reports of toxic hand sanitizers, to substandard equipment, to fraudulent vendors promising large shipments of PPE to schools, hospitals and businesses, when it comes to buying PPE, it's buyer beware out there. In the rush to reopen..

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Local company provides personal protective equipment

Schools throughout the US are preparing to open, and businesses are welcoming back workers. To do so safely and operate effectively, many are relying on personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizing supplies, which are in high demand.

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4 solutions to business survival in today's world

The move toward a remote workforce has accelerated for most businesses; unfortunately, it caught many of us unprepared for such a sudden pivot. With the reality of a long-term remote workforce before us, securing the best productivity solutions..

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EO Johnson Techsperts offer Back to School Tips

The start of the school year is right around the corner, and all eyes are on COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Whether your school, district or university decides to return to the classroom, teach virtually, or a combination of the two, there are..

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Mastering Microsoft Teams video series: Part 2

Now that you've watched our Intro to Microsoft Teams video, it's time to dive down into Microsoft Teams Project Management and file collaboration. These platform features can truly streamline your workday and ensure projects stay on track from start..

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Reduce or eliminate touching shared surfaces with today's tech

As many of us return to work in the office environment after months of working from home, we're met with a new series of challenges. How do we look out for one another's wellbeing in the midst of a pandemic? What steps can we take to..

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