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Latest Inkjet Technology Turns Transpromo Marketing into Business for Printers

3 min read

EO Johnson Business Technologies

You see it everywhere—the latest in inkjet technology personalizing everything from business invoices, statements and bills to signage along America’s highways. As little as five years ago, inkjet only existed in small desktop environments and million dollar presses located in the largest print shops

Thanks to the print industry spending billions of R&D dollars on ink jet research, cost has come down and print quality has increased. Today, inkjet is not only gaining market share, but creating its own buzz word in the marketing world.

Transpromo marketing.

Consumers open 95% of their bills and statements and spend 3-5 minutes reading each one. Transpromo marketing takes the opportunity to turn the white space of the transactional statements into a kind of ‘billboard’ that promotes, informs or educates.

Thus, the word ‘Transpromo’ combining two types of communication into one by marrying transactional documents like invoices, statements, and notifications with promotional messages that increase customer retention, cross-sell, up-sell, and best of all, help build closer customer relationships.

Customers want and expect personalization.

Recent research shows that 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. Variable data printing technologies allow marketers to deploy large direct mail campaigns that communicate on a one-to-one basis with customers and prospects.

Marketers say it’s like sending a salesperson to visit the customer every month. In some sense, it takes us back to business models in days gone by where corner stores, restaurants, banks, and businesses took a more homespun approach to their customers’ purchase needs because they knew their names, their families and their likes and dislikes.

Homespun stores are long gone, but today’s monthly statements remain as one of the few consistent opportunities to create a relationship with customers through personalized trans-promotional communication.

According to Influence Central, an international branding firm, “In 2017, consumers will be on a mission to find peer specialists with niche expertise to filter recommendations that meet their needs in a customized way.”

Transpromo inkjet growth is strong.

Inkjet digital print is showing strong growth trends in direct mail and other marketing documents and is among the most valuable advertising space available. Next time you open the mail box take special note of your transactional mail.

  • Eyes linger longer on yellow.
  • Red draws immediate attention and recall.

“We react on multiple levels of association with colors — there are social or culture levels as well as personal relationships with particular colors,” explains Leslie Harrington, Executive Director of The Color Association of The United States, which forecasts color trends.

Examples of transpromo statement use in the financial industry could include:

  • New account holders
  • CD renewal
  • Loan payoffs
  • Auto loan recapture
  • Birthday messages
  • Loan payment coupons
  • New merger/branch
  • New SEGs
  • Cross sell opportunities

Inkjet innovation is a perfect fit for transactional print.

Inkjet prints color in high speeds at low cost. Most inkjet solutions in today’s market are still small, slow and expensive to operate or are high end with many cost barriers. There are exceptions.

One you may want to consider is the Riso ComColor high-speed inkjet printer, considered an excellent entry-level system for commercial printers wanting to expand into mailing services. Capital investment is similar to a large workgroup color device or a medium sized digital press.

Many printers find the Riso ComColor excels in the transpromo marketplace with low-cost variable data output at high speeds up to 9,600 pages per hour. It can turn a profit with everyday print jobs while allowing for prospecting of mailing applications.

Also available is a high-volume production series for variable data applications and a workgroup series which compliments or can even replace the workgroup copier, if required. This innovative inkjet technology cuts cost of multiple mailings and prints in an end-to-end process.

If you’re considering a purchase, look to a vendor who:

  • Stands behind their product.
  • Offers a single point of contact.
  • Quickly responds to questions and maintenance needs.

Transpromo marketing is making the mail box relevant to today’s consumer because inkjet technology can deliver with dynamic color, text and images that hold customer attention. Transpromo is ‘homespun’ meets high tech inkjet—and it’s offering marketers and their customers exactly what they demand in personalized messaging.



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