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Recent Acquisition of Standard Dynamics ramps up Company's Production Print Services

Early this year, EO Johnson Business Technologies became the premiere Standard Horizon Dealer in the Upper Midwest, when it acquired print finishing solutions company Standard Dynamics. The acquisition of..

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EO Johnson Production Print Team Gets the Inside Scoop at PRINTING United

When it comes to commercial printing equipment, innovation is endemic. So much so that industry enthusiasts and leaders seek out ways to connect with one another, network, and learn about the latest and greatest advances..

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What is section 179? Here’s how this business tax deduction works.

As a decision-maker in a medium to small business environment, you may be wondering: what is section 179, and how can section 179 affect my business tax deductions? Let’s take a closer look.

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This Halloween, it’s all Trick and No Treat from Hackers

There’s a lot that can spook you around Halloween, but the real horror is how hackers get your information. In fact, when it comes to these cybercriminals, it’s all trick and no treat—for you, at least. So how do these evil-doers get their..

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Is your MPS delivering on their QBR promise? If not, it may be time for a change.

Is your Managed Print Services partner offering you a Quarterly Business Review meeting (QBR)? Are you taking advantage of this valuable service?

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Here’s how you can make cyber security a priority every day

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and with cybercriminals stealing trillions of dollars annually from companies and individuals worldwide, by all rights, we should really think about cyber security every day.  As we..

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A Document Management Company Can Help

When fear of change holds your organization back from process improvement, your outcomes as a company suffer.

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ImageGuard provides unmatched printer image and hardware protection

Printer hacks are an ever-present threat in today’s world, which means preventing a printer hack is an essential component of your security efforts. After all, these days, printers house confidential business data, including..

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Working directly with a printer dealer has many benefits for your business

When you’re looking for production print solutions for your business, you may be surprised to find that working directly with a printer dealer, instead of a manufacturer, has many potential benefits. So, whether you’re..

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Getting started with a business process improvement consultant

When you need a process improvement consultant, the signs are likely there: they’re equivalent to a red flag for your business profitability and efficiency. Ignoring them is not an option, if you want to remain competitive in the..

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