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Streamline Your Human Resource Processes

2 min read


A business process automation case study

Human resource departments are pulled in many directions and must meet the needs of many stakeholders. The automation of human resource processes impacts not only the HR department but the entire company. Organizations that automate their human resource processes find easier onboarding of new employees, better security with record keeping, less manual data entry, and more time for employees to dedicate to value-adding activities. With a hybrid workforce and ongoing labor challenges, making processes automated and accessible from anywhere is crucial.

“When it comes to human resources automation, especially given the challenge of finding new candidates, you don’t want their first experience with your company to be a bad one,” said Jeff Balacek, Assistant Solutions Manager. “Think of the impression your company makes if a new employee’s time is filled with inefficient repetitive paperwork and manual processes just to get started in their role.”

Let’s review the challenges, solutions, and results of an organization that committed to streamlining its human resource processes.

A human resource department’s challenges, solutions, and results


The CustomerA Public Education Service Provider

The Challenges

The challenges for this organization involved manual paper-based human resource processes and the security of personal data. New employees were required to write information multiple times, and it was a lengthy process. Copies were made and distributed by hand to the appropriate internal personnel. Tracking and organizing the information was difficult for the human resources staff. Because documents were in paper form, securing personal data was difficult. There were file cabinets in locked rooms, but with no certainty documents were filed properly, and no audit trail of who reviewed the documents.

The Solutions

  • Electronic Forms. All documents from application to on-ramping are now electronic. Forms are customized to the organization with logos, can be completed online instead of in-person, and include digital signatures.
  • Workflow Automation. Once documents are completed electronically, those documents are automatically routed to the appropriate departments. Payroll employees, benefits administrators, and hiring managers have access to only the documents they are required to see. Processing and approval are completed at the touch of a button. Email notifications alert users when documents are waiting for them.
  • The system only allows access to the appropriate users that should have access to the documents. Audit trails show when and how users accessed the documents. Print and email controls have also been established.
  • Document Disposal. Retention cycles are automated for the disposal of documents when they have reached their lifecycle with no more manual searching and shredding.

The Results

With the help of EO Johnson Consultation Services, a process map was created to make sure no details were missed. Once these human resource processes were redesigned and implemented with secure document management, there were several noticeable improvements for this organization.

  • Efficiency – The amount of time and effort with on-ramping an employee was cut by 70%. The human resources team can get more done with less labor.
  • Accessibility and Accuracy – PDF files that are fully text searchable enable staff to accurately find specific information within documents in a matter of seconds.
  • Space – Office space once occupied by these records has now been reallocated to other department needs.
  • Employee Experience – The experience for new employees is seamless and secure.

Get started

EO Johnson helps your business uncover broken processes, map those processes, and outline solutions to improve your business operations. We leverage technology to securely manage your information and streamline your human resource processes.

“We have seen significant impacts on organizations through human resource automation. These include more efficient handling of employee timesheets, time off requests, and expense reports along with easier employee onboarding, performance management automation, and document compliance,” said Balacek. “It’s important to purge the documents you are no longer responsible for and have appropriate controls for the documents you still need.”

Contact an EO Johnson Digital Transformation Consultant to learn more about how you can get started.



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