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EO Johnson Production Print Team Gets the Inside Scoop at PRINTING United

When it comes to commercial printing equipment, innovation is endemic. So much so that industry enthusiasts and leaders seek out ways to connect with one another, network, and learn about the latest and greatest advances in printing regularly.

Enter the debut of the PRINTING United trade show, a sold-out inaugural event, with over 35,000 attendees, held this October in Dallas, Texas. On hand at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center were leaders, experts and innovators in the commercial printing industry. And of course, the Production Print experts from EO Johnson Business Technologies were also there to ensure they have the latest insider info on industry innovations, for the benefit of customers in our region.


What's Hot in Commercial Printing Equipment

So what's hot in the world of print? Of note this year was the prevalence of large format printers, says Brett Zacho, Account Executive with EO Johnson Business Technologies. "Much of the space of the show was dedicated to wide format and that market space. It was amazing how much of the show was based on wide format printing; even the Ricoh and Cannon Booths were dedicated to the large format printers."

Why the focus on wide format printing? It boils down to demand. "That's where most of the growth is. They are recognizing that, so they're going where the money is." Zacho explains.

But focus at the trade show wasn't limited to wide format printers alone; in fact, some manufacturers used the opportunity to showcase what's next.

Jeff Reuter, Director of the Production Print Division at EO Johnson explains, "Vendors had a lot of products that are in development, that aren't for sale yet. They had smaller format laser cutting and engraving, they had small format flatbed UV printers under four feet." He explained. "In the future, you're going to see a wider range of inkjet products, from the smaller inkjet printer that Riso had, to the bigger manufacturers. Kyocera has an inkjet press coming out that's going to be similar in speed to Riso, but the quality will be close to lithographic. Typically, they're lower price so if they come out with a high quality, low price inkjet that could really disrupt things."

As a bonus, inkjet typically requires less maintenance and has a lower operating cost, while also being faster and having greater consistency in the color of prints.


Careful Considerations for Customers

There is always some excitement that accompanies the latest innovations in the industry, but those looking for a new commercial printer might want to hang tight, say the experts at EO Johnson Production Print. For one, it's tricky basing your business on new technology, particularly if it's a larger ticket item. Add to that the learning curve for technicians, and it may be good to press pause and consult with production printer experts.

If all of this seems like a lot to digest, you're certainly not alone. At EO Johnson, the Production Print team is dedicated to understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks of these technological advances, so you don't have to. "Not all of our clients went to the show, or have the resources or time to attend. So, one of the things they rely on us to do is to bring that information back to them," says Zacho.


See, Touch, Experience the Future of Print

EO Johnson has an incredible customer experience center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where customers can see the latest in technology and arrange a vendor demo. It's just one more step EO Johnson takes to make your business better. To learn more about the latest in commercial printing equipment, or to schedule a visit to our production print customer experience center, contact us.