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7 Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

3 min read


Hint: Managed Print Services
can help

Seeking out ways to reduce your company or schools' printing costs? Controlling overhead is important for all organizations, and printing costs are often a major concern come budget time. For many organizations, Managed Print Services can offer greater control over both per-print costs and printing needs, driving down the budget burden while still meeting business needs. More on that later—but first, let's take a broader look at the best ways to reduce printing costs in your organization.

Top tips for reducing printing costs

Printing costs can easily spiral out of control. From supplies to print equipment, to specialized printers, the cost of per page printing can be substantial, and if left unmonitored, can quickly exceed your budget. At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we're dedicated to helping our clients control their printing costs while realizing the benefits of the latest technology and other print solutions. Here are our top tips for reducing your printing costs.

1. Partner with a managed print services provider

A managed print services provider, like EO Johnson Business Technologies, can ensure you are optimizing your print environment. That means you'll have exactly the right people, accessing the right print technology, and printing what they need at the best cost savings to you. No more meeting notes or travel itineraries printed in full color on heavy-weight paper intended for specialized use! The costs of misuse of print equipment multiply quickly. With a managed print services provider, you'll even be able to automate supply orders and maintenance on your print technology, reducing labor costs. Simply reach out to learn more about the many benefits to your bottom line and productivity.

2. Use a document management system

Paper filing systems are a thing of the past. Just think of all the time wasted not just printing and troubleshooting print issues, but filing and later searching for paper documents. With a document management system, you'll streamline access to the files your team needs to get the job done right. You'll have better control over documents too, with permissions you can set and adjust as needed—so only the right eyes and hands get on those files, unlike paper files which can take on a life of their own. Document management has so many benefits for your business, saving money on printing costs is just one of them.

3. Don't print; scan!

We don't need to tell you—paper and ink and all of the technology involved require a substantial investment. You can be a good steward of those limited resources by pivoting to scanning. Using less paper can actually open more doors, too. You and your staff can enjoy easier access to the documents you need, faster retrieval, and improved security. And if you are ready to take the next step, our Document Scanning solutions can take those years of paperwork in storage and turn them into an invaluable electronic filing system for you—eliminating filing cabinets, freeing up space, and reducing labor and paper costs.

4. Upgrade your print equipment

The wrong print devices can easily drive up costs in your print environment. Outdated equipment can cost you productive time and labor when it goes down. The wrong printer in the wrong space can raise your cost per print exponentially. And if your staff have to access a printer on the other side of the building for their business needs, you are absorbing that lost time and productivity as well. More, older models can be easy targets for hackers—posing a potential threat to your network security. Upgrading your print equipment can ensure you have the right technology in place, at the right price, and the right printing cost.

5. Explore mobile print options

Cloud printing is rapidly being embraced as a vital tool for the future of work. It enables users to print from wherever they are, from any device. That means your staff has unmatched flexibility in meeting their print needs, and with careful planning, you can own and manage fewer printers and multi-function devices. A wide variety of cloud print options are available, which we have told you about in the past. If you'd like to explore these further, give us a call.

6. Flip it; flip it good

Pancakes. Light switches. Dilapidated properties. Flipping is a good thing. And it turns out two sides are better than one when it comes to printing. Yet so many of us use a single side of the paper when printing. Print double-sided instead—it's easy to configure your printers to do this automatically. It's a simple fix to whittle down your supply costs.

7. Monitor user habits

It's all too easy for users to print without thinking, particularly if you don't have policies or access permissions in place. That can result in low-level print jobs going to a high-quality (and more expensive) printer. Today's print technology enables you to monitor user habits so you can better control the print environment, which means better control over your printing costs.

Ready to reduce your printing costs?

At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we have the technology and the expertise to help you cut your printing costs. From Managed Print Services offerings, to document scanning solutions, to document management expertise, and the right printers for you, we can support your organization's printing needs every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about how we can empower you to cut costs when it's time to print.




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