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MPS and Thermal Printers: Understanding Benefits and Features

2 min read

Steve Cain

Thermal printers are a great choice for your Managed Print Services strategy

You might know by now that thermal printers like those provided by Zebra Technologies can bring vast capabilities, flexibility, and low maintenance to your print environment. But did you know Managed Print Services can help you optimize your use of thermal printers? So whether you're already making use of thermal printers, are just beginning to explore the benefits and features of thermal printers, or you're ready to integrate thermal printers into your fleet, Managed Print Services can help you make the most of the technology.

But what exactly is a thermal printer? And how can Managed Print Services help you glean the most value from your thermal printers? Let's explore.

What are thermal printers like Zebra printers?

Thermal printers are different from inkjet and dot matrix printers in that they print images using a heated printhead. The result is a high-quality image with greater durability. For certain print jobs, that's an essential component: you need an image to look great and last. More, thermal printers themselves have unmatched resilience; so you can rest assured when you need the job done right, your thermal printer will be ready to roll.

Thermal printers come in two primary styles. Thermal transfer printers essentially melt ink onto the print surface, so they bond. And thermal transfer printers can work with a huge variety of media, including paper, polyester, and even polypropylene. Simply put, other on-demand printers just can't match the quality, flexibility, and durability. The other style of printer available is a direct thermal printer. Direct thermal printers use media that turns black when passed under the thermal printhead. The result is in fact less durable. Heat, light, and general wear and tear can compromise the image, and the image can fade or the light-sensitive media itself can grow darker depending on conditions.

Thermal printer models can come in four different styles:

  • Mobile models — for portability, ease of use, and wireless connection
  • Desktop printers — for use in smaller spaces generally. Known for being reliable and cost-effective.
  • Industrial printers — for larger jobs and critical operations. Can help you stay on top of supply chain matters and improve efficiencies.
  • Print engines — made to work with a print and apply system, and are often paired with a sensor to affix labels to items like packages. works well in high-volume, fast-paced environments like production lines.

At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we recommend Zebra printers to our Managed Print Services clients. Your account representative can assist you in selecting the Zebra Technologies thermal printer that is right for you, as a part of our Managed Print Services.

Why thermal printers are ideal for your Managed Print Services strategy

Managed Print Services and thermal printers are a match made in business heaven. By folding thermal printers into a Managed Print Services strategy, you can be certain your thermal print environment is optimized. You'll enjoy unparalleled transparency, ease of service, support and management and effortless integration. You'll have the data you need at your fingertips so you can forecast supply needs and costs, and automate procurement. Your operating costs will be better controlled, and there will be less burden on your IT department. And you'll have the data security today's business world demands. As you can see, there are numerous reasons a Managed Print Services strategy works exceptionally well with your thermal printers, as well as your entire print fleet.

Want to learn more about thermal printers like Zebra printers?

When you're ready to truly explore the benefits and features of thermal printers, such as Zebra printers, our experts are here to help. Contact us to learn more about our Managed Print Services offerings and the thermal printer options we recommend for your organization.



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