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HR Automation: Exploring the Benefits

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Here's how HR process automation helps your business

Automation is creating a sea change in businesses, and HR automation stands to reap numerous benefits from the best software technologies. Because while the human aspects of human resources will never fully fade, technology is creating inroads into efficiencies and optimization that have been out of reach for human resources teams until now. So what is HR automation, what are the benefits of HR process automation, and how can you get started? Let's take a closer look.

Benefits of HR automation

Human resources teams face a number of challenges each day. First, there is the management of heaps of employee forms, many of which have repetitive information. There are frequent changes to employee records that must be made, everything from life changes to promotions to reviews and much more. There are seemingly endless follow-ups that must be done and have to be scheduled. And there is the information related to health insurance and other benefits, some data which are bound by HIPAA regulations and requirements and must remain secure. The challenges your HR team faces every day are profound, ever-present, and likely growing.

In the midst of all of these needs, many of them requiring manual data entry and management, your company still needs to provide the human touch to human resources. Recruitment and hiring require the professionalism and kindness of your HR team. Onboarding with a living, breathing, knowledgeable person is shown to be incredibly important among new hires. A business strategy, change management, and employee relations are all high-impact needs that require the human touch. So, it's important to keep in mind that not all HR duties can be automated. But research shows about 56 hours of work a month that HR managers must perform are devoted to tasks that can be automated. That's 672 hours in a year that could be better used for the tasks that benefit most from the involvement of your HR talent.

HR process automation: Where to start

HR process automation and transforming the way you work can be hard to wrap your head around, so let's talk about the tasks automation can take off your to-do list. These are processes where you can focus your automation strategy because doing so adds significant value to most organizations.

  • Recruitment
    Finding, attracting, and keeping top talent is one of the greatest challenges every business faces. By automating parts of the hiring process, you can reduce the cost of recruitment, screen resumes faster, and create a more fulfilling candidate experience.
  • Timekeeping
    Small businesses and sole proprietors may find it easy to manage timekeeping manually in a spreadsheet. But as companies grow, they quickly find this can be an immensely cumbersome task. Spreadsheets for timekeeping can be even more unwieldy when team members have different job responsibilities. Automation of attendance and timekeeping can also simplify reporting, project management, and client invoicing.
  • Payroll
    Payroll costs can be substantial—not to mention the manual process is incredibly time-consuming. HR process automation can reduce payroll, check and invoice errors; simplify paying taxes, and help you meet critical compliance deadlines.
Want to learn more about HR process automation?

When it's time to take a closer look at HR process automation, you need a partner on your side who understands the benefits and features of the tools at hand. At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we're here to help. Contact us for more information about HR automation and the many ways it can support your business needs.



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