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Managed Print Services: Beyond Print Management

2 min read


The evolution of MPS means big things for business

When most people think of managed print services, or MPS, they think of copiers and printers and having better data and control to manage your business printing needs.

But the truth is managed print services has evolved over time to far beyond just print management, and that means big things for your business. So, let's take a closer look at MPS, how it has advanced over time, and in what ways it can help your organization today.

The reasons MPS has changed

Why has MPS evolved? Simply put, managed print services had to change to adjust to the changing needs of businesses like yours.

In the beginning, MPS was tasked with helping companies improve their productivity and drive down overhead—so it mainly involved the management of company printers and their use. But the evolution of MPS means so much more than print management—and that's because business leaders want something more than understanding how much it costs to print per page.

While that remains a consideration for many, today's managed print environment is about strategy, flexibility, optimization, and of course, savings. Here's how.


Managing your print environment can be incredibly time-consuming, particularly as it becomes more complex. What if you could reclaim that time and put it toward the most pressing challenges of your business, instead? Today's managed print services give you the data you need to manage print more easily, along with troubleshooting and maintenance that free you up to work on your business growth.


If we've learned anything over the past two years, it's the importance of flexibility. Today's print technology delivers that in spades. For businesses with hybrid work models or a remote workforce, these flexible printing options are essential. From mobile print to one-touch printing, to using the cloud for both upload and printing, we can help you take advantage of these agile offerings.


Optimization is a non-negotiable in the business world today: to remain solvent and relevant, you have to make the most of what you've got, and that includes the print environment. Automating digital workflows and utilizing cloud services enable you to get the job done right, as efficiently as possible. We can help you automate ordering the supplies you need, like paper, toner, and ink, so you can better use valuable staff time.


Print needs in the business world are real and ongoing. Managing those expenses allows you to put those precious resources toward reinvesting in your business. With MPS, print expenses decrease because we help your staff wisely use the right print technology while also reducing environmental impact and downtime.

Ready to learn more about today's Managed Print Services?

Today's Managed Print Services mean more than simply print management; you have a strategic partner on your side to streamline printing workflows and truly help make your business better.

Are you ready to see what MPS can do for you? Contact us to learn more about Managed Print Services at EO Johnson Business Technologies.




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