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CompTIA and Managed Print Services

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Steve Cain

Engaging a certified MPS can cut printing costs by 30%

Managed Print Services with a company that is CompTIA certified can make a huge difference in your company's bottom line. We all know that saving on print costs is a priority for most businesses, as it is a significant contributor to overhead. Yet most print customers don't have a clear picture of their print financial burden. When you take into consideration copying, printing, and faxing-related expenses as well as staff time, hardware, and supplies—print costs can be up to 6% of a company's revenue, according to research by InfoTrends. Now that's a lot of paper—money, that is.

Managing print costs starts with understanding your print burden
(Hint: It's big)

Managed Print Services can help you gain a full understanding of your printing costs, and hold the line on your print expenses. It starts by engaging a Managed Print Services provider, like EO Johnson Business Technologies, to support your company's print needs. Companies that have already done so realize the true difference MPS can make, and the numbers are startling. A report by Gartner Group shows that Managed Print Services can help you control those costs by as much as 30%.

We recently shared tips on how to reduce your printing costs—click here to know more.

A decade ago, this might have been a surprise. But these days, research shows more than half of companies with high-print volumes are looking to MPS to help them gain control over their print environment. They see the benefits, and then they reap the benefits.

Managed print services can include analyzing your printer fleet, providing consultative input on existing technology, providing support and management of equipment, and delivery of products such as toner and ink cartridges. Printer maintenance is just a small part of MPS. It also includes ongoing support of business operations and serving as a trusted advisor.

Why working with a CompTIA-certified company is key

Smart organizations are seeking to work with Managed Print Services providers who understand the pressures of being a highly regulated industry or facing regular audit pressure. A CompTIA-certified Managed Print Services provider assures clients they will be working with a partner who provides the quality and competency they deserve while adhering to best practices.

EO Johnson Business Technologies is proud to be among four companies in the United States, and 31 worldwide, who can lay claim to the prestigious CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark. That means when you choose EO Johnson Business Technologies for your Managed Print Services, you can rest assured you have access to a team of professionals who hold themselves to the highest expectations for conduct, sales, support, delivery, and operations of Managed Print Services—and world-class customer service. The CompTIA certification helps clients identify leading managed print services (MPS) providers who are dedicated to improving efficiency and innovation for their customers. Simply put, when you want to be your best, it makes sense to seek out partners who stand out in their field.

Is it time for you to consider Managed Print Services?

From the improved potential for regulatory compliance to optimized performance; from cost controls to increased productivity, and the peace of mind that feels so good come audit time, working with EO Johnson Managed Print Services can make a huge difference for your organization. Look for the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark to find the most trusted MPS providers, who can help you realize the full benefits of better managing your print costs.




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