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Digital Mailroom Benefits: Automation, Speed, Security, Efficiency

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5 ways outsourcing mailroom services really deliver

As companies realize the positives of a remote workforce, it has become clear that digital mailroom services can offer many benefits that support our new work-from-home world. In fact, digital mailroom benefits are many, and it turns out that outsourcing mailroom services really deliver. So, what exactly is it, and what are the benefits of a digital mailroom? Let's take a look.

What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom allows your employees to work from anywhere and still receive their inbound paper mail, electronically. When outsourcing mailroom services, a digital mailroom involves a third party, like EO Johnson Business Technologies, which takes care of all the legwork for you. That means we handle the opening, scanning, and sending of the electronic version of the mail to the right people. Sensitive documents are handled separately, as you wish. In short, a digital mailroom provides the convenience and security that our modern world and our work-from-home culture need. Learn more about how a digital mailroom supports a remote workforce here.

What are the digital mailroom benefits?

There are 5 primary benefits to having a digital mailroom and outsourcing those mailroom services.

1.  Outsourcing your digital mailroom services reduces staff workload.
It's easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes your staff to open, scan, and route mail electronically. But anyone in business knows the old adage, time is money, is absolutely true. Your valuable staff could be better using their time in revenue-generating roles or providing critical support services to your team during these challenging times. Outsourcing your digital mailroom services allows you to make the best use of your human resources.

2.  Mail gets to recipients FAST.
Rerouting paper documents, particularly as delivery services are maxed out, can slow your processes to snail mail's pace. With a digital mailroom, you can count on a  swift turnaround from our team. In no time, our experts do the dirty work and get the mail to your employees fast.

3.  Your data is protected.
Data security has never been more important, and the stakes have never been higher. By transitioning to digital documents, you can have added peace of mind that paper mail isn't getting lost or falling into the wrong hands. More, documents can be tracked and stored with security.

4.  World-class customer service.
At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we aspire to provide world-class customer service. And we know that's important to your customers, too—it trickles down. With digital mailroom services, documents are processed faster, meaning accounts receivable can reconcile invoices faster and critical information reaches its appropriate home so issues and requests are answered quickly. A digital mailroom empowers you to have faster processing times throughout your organization.

5.  Secure access.
Mail isn't the only part of your business that's going through an accelerated evolution these days. Your employees also need to access and share documents seamlessly. With digital mailroom services, we can help you streamline secure access to documents for your staff—and ensure only the appropriate people are granted that access.

Making the leap to digital mailroom services starts here

A digital mailroom is within reach for you and your business in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Want to learn more about how outsourcing mailroom services with digital mailroom solutions can help your business? Contact us today and we'll deliver all the digital mailroom benefits to your organization.







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