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Digital Mailroom, Document Scanning, and Document Management

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Creating a Seamless Workplace

The workplace we knew in 2019 no longer exists. Every business has been impacted by the move to remote work during the pandemic and the struggle to find labor after the “great resignation.” For most businesses, this means taking stock of your workspace(s) and your workplace processes.

You are likely experiencing one of the following workplace changes. How many of these company statements resonate with you?

  • My company is maintaining a remote or hybrid workforce.
  • My company is consolidating locations.
  • My company is trying to do more with a smaller workforce.
  • My company is trying to connect with the next generation of workers.
  • My company is growing, but I’m running out of space in my building.

Who does the work? Where do they do the work? How do they do the work? These are the three questions every business should be reviewing right now. The way we adapt to changes in technology impacts all of them. But technology means more than just having a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It’s also about how your employees can access information securely from anywhere.

Today, technology can provide a more seamless workplace. And there are three key areas to focus on to create a more seamless workplace for your business – establishing a digital mailroom, scanning your paper documents into digital files, and managing workflows electronically.

Digital Mailroom

According to Forbes, a hybrid work structure is one of the five biggest workplace trends in 2022. Establishing a digital mailroom allows your employees to work from anywhere and still receive their inbound paper mail electronically. In an outsourced digital mailroom structure, the mail is opened, scanned, and then electronically sent to the right people. It provides convenience and security. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing to a digital mailroom.

  1. Reduces the workload of your employees.
  2. Accessibility to remote staff and multiple locations.
  3. Availability of files from anywhere within hours of mail arrival.
  4. Secure storage and tracking of mail.
  5. Integration of the digital files into other electronic workflow processes.

Document Scanning

 Many companies are also taking a closer look at the physical footprint of their workspaces. You may have fewer employees in your buildings and are considering consolidating. Or you may just be thinking about the cabinets and rooms full of files that if eliminated, could allow you to use your workspace more effectively. Digitizing your paper documents increases efficiency, keeps important information secure, decreases costs, and ensures your business is ready for anything (including another pandemic). Here are just a few of the benefits of digitizing your paper files.

  1. Reduce the time it takes to search for and retrieve files.
  2. Eliminate lost or misplaced files.
  3. Access information from wherever your employees work.
  4. Gain office space after eliminating paper file cabinets.
  5. Secure documents in case of a disaster or cyber threat.
  6. Maintain records compliance.

Document Management System

In addition to digitizing the old files that have been collecting dust in your workplace, incorporating a document management system is a must. Through this program, process and information mapping is done to understand how your business can improve efficiencies and reduce paper waste. A consistent electronic file structure and search repository are established to allow the system to do the work for you. With a hybrid workforce and ongoing labor challenges, making your processes automated and accessible from anywhere is crucial. There are three key areas of your business that likely could benefit from a document management system.

  1. Accounting Department – improved processing times and deadlines met, easier search and retrieval process, and less manual data entry errors.
  2. Human Resources Department – improved organizational effectiveness, easier onboarding of new employees, automation of follow-up activities, security with insurance and HIPAA record keeping, and less manual data entry and repetitive information.
  3. Contract Collaboration – track changes and contract revisions, ensure legal compliance, and sign contracts quickly and efficiently.

Having a remote or hybrid workforce is no longer a temporary consequence of the pandemic. It’s here to stay. Businesses have realized work can be done differently, and in some cases, more efficiently than before. Layering in technology, the digitizing of paper files, and the electronic management of processes is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a “need to have.” Access from anywhere to relevant information and the data to do one’s job is critical. Today’s employees and your next generation of workers expect it.

The Steps to a Seamless Workplace

EO Johnson can help with all of these needs. How does it work?

        • Digital Mailroom – Your paper mail is forwarded to a secure P.O. Box maintained by EO Johnson. We open, scan, and electronically send the mail to the right people. We establish timeframes with each client for how long we will hold on to the paper mail. We integrate digital mail into other document management processes as necessary.
        • Document Scanning – We take your boxes and rooms of paper files, load them in a secure truck, and deliver them to our team of scanners. The naming and organizing parameters of the digital files are established with the client. If you need access to a file while we are in the scanning process, we can make sure you have it quickly.
        • Document Management System – We meet with you to map your current processes and discuss the best system to give you more efficiency. A file structure and search repository are created. Your processes become automated and your data becomes more accessible to everyone.

EO Johnson helps your business leverage technology to efficiently manage your information and create a seamless workplace. Contact an EO Johnson Digital Transformation Consultant to learn more about how you can get started.


Learn about how EO Johnson Business Technologies can help you find the best way to store, organize, or share documents quickly and conveniently in the video below.




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