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A3 vs A4: Which MFP Should Your Business Use?

2 min read

Jim Reed

The best printer, scanner, copier depends on several factors

When it's time to shop around for the best printer, scanner, copier for your business, you'll likely start with the classic head-to-head comparison: A3 vs A4. These multifunction printers (MFP) can be invaluable to your business. But it can be hard to know which one is right for your organization. With this helpful input from our experts at EO Johnson Business Technologies, you'll be on your way to selecting the best MFP for your business needs.

Questions to ask yourself when comparing A3 vs A4 MFPs

When comparing A3 vs A4 MFPS, selecting the best printer, scanner and copier comes down to three primary questions.

How much do you print?

If you need a printer for light-duty, an A4 printer may be right for you. It's especially appropriate for offices that only need to print letter and legal-sized paper, or smaller sizes. Large-volume jobs aren't the A4's expertise. But it tends to use less power—so it's good if you're thinking about your office's impact on the environment. And it holds particular appeal for those who prefer less paper in the office environment, and more digital or cloud-based solutions.

If you know you need to print a large volume, say more than 2,000 or 2,500 pages per month, an A3 MFP will likely serve you well. A3 printers are known for their durability and for being a workhorse.

Are you printing on 11" x 17" sized paper?

If you have print jobs that must be printed on ledger-sized paper, 11" x 17", letter, legal and other sizes, an A3 printer may be right for you. It's great for businesses that need to print larger formats, such as spreadsheets. As a bonus, A3 MFPs also can handle, punch, fold and staple more than 50 sheets of paper if needed.

An A4 does not have the ability to print on 11" x 17" paper, but it can handle letter and legal-sized formats or smaller.

How much space do you have for your MFP?

Your office space is also a primary consideration when searching for the best printer, scanner, copier for your business. An A4 MFP has smaller components and takes up far less space than an A3. An A3 is generally much larger in size and footprint than an A4 printer. So, if you have a large office and lots of space for a high-volume printer, your choice is clearly the A3. And if you're looking for a smaller printer for smaller jobs in both volume and paper size, or if your office space is limited for business technologies, the A4 may be just what you need. For some offices with limited space, the A4 is the only possibility, even if they need a larger print volume.

There is one more consideration that most businesses have: cost. Typically, the smaller A4 MFP will cost less, but the costs for service and supplies will typically be higher than an A3. But if you're printing and copying fewer than 2,000 pages a month, the A4 may be more efficient from a cost perspective. Meanwhile, the A3 will typically cost more for the equipment, but service and supply costs tend to be lower than those for the A4.

Is it time to find the best printer, scanner, copier for your business?

When it's time to compare A3 vs A4 for your business needs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa, the experts at EO Johnson Business Technologies can help outfit you with the best printer, scanner, copier, or MFP for your office. Contact us today to learn more about the multifunction printer options that will truly meet your business needs for print volumes, paper sizes, space, cost, and more.




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