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Large Format Printer: Benefits and Considerations

3 min read


Why businesses are going big with wide format printers

Considering investing in a large format printer? You are nog alone; many business leaders realize wide format printers have many benefits, and owning one can be a cost-saving strategy when your large format print needs are steady. So what are the factors you should take into account when considering a wide format printer? And what are the benefits your company, school or organization could realize? Let's take a look.

Capabilities of a large format printer can benefit businesses

A wide format printer has capabilities that can support many companies and schools with their day-to-day needs. In short, large-format printers can provide higher quality, larger size and greater flexibility for your organization's print needs. Here are some of the benefits a large format printer can add to your print fleet.

  • Enjoy higher quality printouts. Often the quality of printed pieces says a lot about a business to its prospects and customers. Shoddy printing doesn't wield the same professionalism as a high-quality print job. If you are ready for high-resolution print jobs that far surpass the quality you get from multi-function devices in your company, a wide format printer may be just the solution you are looking for.
  • Print larger images than your average printer can accommodate. Does your office have a need for larger images in high quality? Standard multi-function devices may be sufficient for smaller jobs such as simple brochures or documents that meet your daily needs. A wide format printer may be better able to meet your needs if you require quality marketing materials, large posters, large-scale presentation collateral, architectural renderings and more.
  • Print on alternative surfaces. Regular printers handle paper and card stock. Large format printers can often print on other materials like fabric, glass, tiles and even uneven objects.

Considerations when choosing a wide format printer

Selecting a wide format printer for your business, school or organization can seem a huge task in itself.
There are so many makes and models, it can be hard to know what to look for. Our experts have pulled together the three big considerations for selecting the right large format printer for you.

1.  Cost

For some companies and organizations, cost will be the primary consideration. But the upfront cost of a
wide format printer is just part of the overall expense. Be sure to take into consideration the costs of maintenance and supplies, such as ink. And it is also vital to think about ongoing service, which is an
essential part of owning any technology these days. Working with a company you know and trust, like
EO Johnson Business Technologies, will pay dividends in the long run by reducing downtime and getting
you back into production, fast.

2.  Capabilities

Carefully consider why you need a wide-format printer, and what you want it to be able to accomplish for your business. Are you looking for a large-format printer that has the best color accuracy? Do you want it to print on different media? Do you need a printer that can also scan? Is fine detail the most important component of your printing needs? Enumerate your organization's expectations for your large-format printer to weed out options that don't meet your needs.

3.  Color

Some large format printers are built to print in color while others are specifically for black and white jobs. Many organizations opt for the color printer, as it opens doors to possibilities for other uses. But if your company, school or organization only needs documents in large-scale, not color marketing materials and the like, a black and white printer may be right for you.

Is it time to buy a wide format printer?

When it is time to purchase a wide format printer, we are here to help. From cost to print speed and capabilities, there is a lot to consider when comparing large format printers. Our expert staff can help you determine the scope of your business needs and the right large format printer for you. Want to see your options in person, and test them out? We can arrange that too, with a personalized tour of our Customer Experience Center. Contact us for more information about the best wide format printer for your business needs.




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