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Managed Print Services for Education

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Print management yields many benefits for the education sector

From budget management and improved workflows to making the best use of limited IT resources, Managed Print Services can make a world of difference in educational environments, including K-12 schools as well as tech schools and universities. How can Managed Print Services help you, and what are the specific benefits for education? Let's take a closer look.

Challenges faced by education call for innovative solutions

Education, like many industries, has had to tighten its proverbial belts for several years now. A budget squeeze means pared back resources, from fewer extracurricular offerings and academic opportunities to tight control of school supplies. Finding innovative ways to control costs is a must in today's educational environment, and Managed Print Services, or MPS, can do some of the heavy lifting. When you consider the fact that schools invest time, money and human resources into their print needs, finding a way to better manage those precious commodities is essential, and can help bolster the bottom line.

Concrete ways Managed Print Services can help schools

Here are just some of the benefits educational leaders can realize through print management.

A budget that's under control

We all want to save costs, and get swift approval for our expenditures, and if we can simplify budgeting to get there, all the better. More than ever before schools are facing scrutiny for their spending—and print costs are no exception. Managed Print Services are provided with fixed monthly billing, you don't have any surprises at the end of the month and budget forecasting is simplified. As a bonus, Managed Print Services makes it easier to plan for supply needs, so you don't have to keep a bunch of unused inventory on hand—or worse, run out when you need it most, bringing productivity to a screeching halt.

Better security

All schools manage confidential records, and protecting confidential data and protected information is vital. Documents left on a shared printer tray can be an open invitation to anyone who wants to get their hands on that data. With Managed Print Services, print jobs can be held in the queue by the user until they are able to pick it up. The data is further secured when a user must have a PIN number or their badge to authorize the print job. Simply put, Managed Print Services provides improved security so you can mitigate risk.

Less waste and a greener workspace

We all want to lessen our impact on the planet. With Managed Print Services, going greener is easy. From using less paper, to the option to upgrade to energy-saving devices to simplified recycling of paper and toner cartridges, print management creates a greener educational environment for the greater good.

Better use of IT

If your school is like most, your IT department has a lot of demands placed upon them. It isn't easy managing a school's computers, network and other necessary devices. More, balancing the needs of students and staff is a never-ending quest. The last thing you need is to tie up your IT department with a printer jam or other print issue. With Managed Print Services, we support your print needs and challenges as they arise—responding quickly when you need it. The result? Your IT department can focus on other priorities.

Ease of access

When you have staff who work at multiple locations or campuses, their need for print services travels with them. With Managed Print Services, both students and teachers can print and retrieve documents from where they are.

Is your school ready for Managed Print Services?

If your K-12 school or university is ready to explore the benefits of Managed Print Services, we can help. Our experts can examine your school system's unique needs and make recommendations that will best serve you. Contact us to learn more about how Managed Print Services can help you save money, improve print access, and improve data security for your school.




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