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Printer Vulnerabilities Highlight Need to Upgrade Your Printer or Copier

3 min read

Jason Morris

Regular upgrades ensure data security, latest technology and fewer tech issues

When it comes to the many reasons to regularly upgrade the printers and copiers in your business, printer vulnerabilities rank near the top. Hackers know that printers are often the same as an unlocked door to your business. Why? Many business leaders don't realize printers, particularly those that are networked, can provide cybercriminals access to sensitive data, such as customer and employee information, financials, human resources-related documents and much more. The cache of information available through a printer vulnerability can give hackers and other cybercriminals exactly what they need for social engineering scams, hacks and other nefarious activities.

Here's why it's time to upgrade your printer or copier

Printer vulnerabilities are real, and the threats are always changing. Hackers grow increasingly sophisticated every day, and hacking attempts via printers grow in number every year. Your confidential documents could be at risk, putting the very heart of your business in a risky position in the event of a breach.

A simple way to ensure your business stays on top of emerging threats is to plan regular upgrades of your printers or copiers, so they have up-to-the minute protection. Of course, the benefits to upgrading your technology don't stop there. The best copier, printer or multifunction device for your business needs comes with additional benefits that can help streamline your workday, bypass hurdles such as tech issues, and ensure your devices have the cutting-edge capabilities you need to deliver the best in products and services to your clients.

Upgrade your technology to optimize your business

It's all too easy to put off upgrading your business technologies, but there are many compelling reasons not to. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of upgrading your copiers, printers or multifunction devices regularly, many of which relate to functionality that allows you to optimize your business.

  • You can automate document workflows. This can help eliminate manual operations that burn up employee time, while streamlining processes that involve documents. Automating document workflows becomes especially important with a remote workforce; the latest print technology has document workflows that result in improved productivity and access for staff who are working from home, or working wherever. You'll also find the latest tech, in many cases, allows for faster document retrieval.
  • You can enjoy a higher level of security, with the latest protections, while meeting compliance requirements. If your business is required to be compliant with complex legal or financial regulations, the security of your documents and your data are high priorities. Secure access is essential for many businesses, and the latest print technologies provide a full slate of options to ensure the right people have the right access to your technologies. Access management is far easier with up-to-date technology.
  • You'll have better control over the costs associated with printing, scanning and copying. Controlling the bottom line is always important, and the latest print technology offers better control over the financials of your multifunction devices. The best copiers and printers have capabilities and efficiencies that reduce waste, control usage and overall can provide a better snapshot for estimating costs.
  • You can help keep your employees healthy. We're still in the midst of a global pandemic, and reducing employee exposure to shared surfaces is still a priority for many businesses. The latest printers and copiers have capabilities that allow for touch-free print options such as remote print, virtually eliminating the need for staff to share surfaces.
Make printer vulnerabilities a worry of the past

The best copiers and printers can help make printer vulnerabilities a worry of the past, while also addressing some of today's biggest business challenges. From security to productivity to cost controls and even employee health, there are so many reasons to consider upgrading your printers and copiers regularly. To discuss your vision for your print fleet, or your concerns about the printer vulnerabilities of your aging technology, contact us. We can arrange a private tour of our showroom with the latest production print and multifunction devices on the market, so you and your staff can experience the difference of this technology first-hand.





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