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Looking for Production Print Solutions? Working with a dealer is best

2 min read

EO Johnson Business Technologies

Working directly with a printer dealer has many benefits for your business

When you’re looking for production print solutions for your business, you may be surprised to find that working directly with a printer dealer, instead of a manufacturer, has many potential benefits. So, whether you’re searching for wide format, digital finishing, digital presses, UV coater/spot UV, finishing equipment/embellishment equipment or a digital finishing or digital production printing technology, a dealer may be your best choice.

What does a production print solutions dealer bring to the table? Let’s take a closer look.


Work directly with a dealer for service, financing and competitive pricing

Here are some of the main reasons why you should work with a dealer for your production print needs.


1. A dealer can service your entire production print fleet.

If you’ve thought in the past that a manufacturer will provide better service on your fleet, you’re in good company, says Brett Zacho, Account Executive with EO Johnson Business Technologies Production Print. “They feel that if they go with the manufacturer, they think they’re going right to the source. So, if they have problems, they’ll get better response, they’ll get quicker resources, and we have found that not to be true.”

Maury Greene, Production Print Account Executive, agrees. “If you have an issue in the field, the first line of defense is a dealer,” he explains. There’s a common misconception that working with a manufacturer ensures better service.  First, dealers get the same training for service as someone from a manufacturer would receive.

Second, unlike a manufacturer, a dealer can service not just one particular product, but your entire fleet of production equipment from print engines to near line finishing. “At EO Johnson, we have on-staff technicians who will service your whole product portfolio. We’re not using a third-party to service something we sold,” Greene says. “Buying from EO Johnson is really the best of both worlds. You do have great products, great people who are servicing and supporting the products, and we also have selected good manufacturers to back us up and support us.”


2. A dealer can customize solutions to your production print business needs.

As Zacho explains, “We can tailor a solution to the customer’s needs easier than a manufacturer can.”

Why is that? Because a manufacturer is focused solely on their own product. A dealer takes a different approach.

“The solution a manufacturer brings may not accomplish exactly what the customer is looking for, Zacho says. “A dealer like EO Johnson has multiple solutions we can pick, choose, and combine, for a solution that fits exactly what the customer is looking to accomplish.”


3. Production print technology dealer pricing is competitive.

Many assume manufacturer pricing is going to beat dealer pricing on production print technology. But that isn’t necessarily the case.

Greene explains, “Manufacturers are going to want their dealers to be successful, so the pricing is going to be competitive, and in many cases, better than the manufacturer.”

But more than that, working with a locally-owned dealer like EO Johnson can also mean greater flexibility from a financing perspective. “So, dealers can have the ability to make decisions locally. They have the ability to move on their feet. So, they can be more creative with financing, addressing what the customer needs to run their business successfully” Greene says.


Dealer or manufacturer? For production print solutions, choose carefully

Choosing a partner in forging solutions to your production print needs is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are so many reasons that working with a dealer near you may be the best choice for your business. From financing flexibility, to great service for your entire fleet, to customized solutions based on your needs, the choice is clear.

Want to learn more about how EO Johnson Business Technologies can help you with your production print solutions? Contact us.




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