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The Best Office Multifunction Printer, Copier, Scanner Depends on Print Volume and Space

4 min read


How to Find the Best Printer, Copier and Scanner for your Business

When you’re looking for the best office multifunction device, but don’t know which is the best printer, copier and scanner for your business, shopping can be overwhelming. Sure, you can purchase an office multifunction device in three clicks, but how will you know whether it’s the right one? For example, are you looking for a high volume office printer, copier and scanner; a low volume printer for small jobs, or maybe something that fits your limited small office space? Perhaps you want a printer that’s more eco-friendly, something that perhaps doesn’t use as much paper, or one that is a bit cheaper. Or maybe you need to print out spreadsheets, and for that, you need a multifunction that can handle larger paper sizes. Whatever the case, this guide to the best office multifunction device will help you find the best printer, copier and scanner for your business.

The difference between A3 and A4 multifunction printers

When it’s time to buy a multifunction printer, understanding the differences between A3 and A4 is essential. Knowing what you need and want in a printer, copier and scanner for your office will help you determine which is right for you.

Here’s a closer look at the features of the different types of multifunction devices.

Features and benefits of an A3 printer

An A3 printer handles ledger sized paper, 11” x 17”, as well as letter, legal and other sizes. It is generally larger in size and footprint than an A4 printer. Because of its ability to print in larger-formats than an A4, it is a good multifunction printer for offices which need to print large items like spreadsheets. The larger A3 machines tend to have more durable components and advanced features.

If your work requires you to have equipment with options for handing, punching, folding or stapling more than 50 sheets of paper, an A3 machine will likely be the right choice for you.

It is important to note that an A3 multifunction machine will cost more for the equipment. However, service and supply costs are generally lower than those for an A4 machine. “One of our points is, how often do you have to fill that with ink or toner. If you have a larger machine, it may be more efficient,” explains Jim Reed, Imaging Sales Manager for EO Johnson Business Technologies.

A3 printers are durable, capable of higher demand, and generally a better choice for businesses which have a printing and copying volume that exceeds 2,000 pages per month. “If you have a durable car, a cheaper car isn’t going to last as long, and I think that applies to the printer, copier, scanner world,” Reed says.


Features and benefits of an A4 printer

An A4 printer or multifunction printer can handle letter and legal size paper, as well as smaller sizes. It cannot handle 11x17 paper, and is considered a light duty device because it cannot handle the same volumes as an A3 printer. If your office only prints in letter and legal sized formats, an A4 printer may be right for you.

An A4 machine also has smaller components, explains Mark Trehey, Major Account Manager at EO Johnson Business Technologies. “The A4 takes up less square footage than an A3 does, and it uses less power, so it’s a little more environmentally friendly from that standpoint.”

Interestingly, Trehey points out that many offices are shifting toward an A4, and it’s a sign of a generational shift in the workplace. “Millennials and Generation Z have grown up in the digital age, and they don’t want paper as much,” he explains. “Most are taking their devices with them and looking there, and not taking paper with them.” He says the shift is even being seen in education, which traditionally relied on A3 multifunction printers. “They are storing documents electronically, so they don’t need to print the traditional files. Even in the elementary schools…students have iPads.” As a result, art projects that used to be done on paper are now computer-generated art projects.

Also of note, although an A4 multifunction device will cost less, supply and service costs are typically higher than that of an A3 multifunction machine. If you are printing or copying fewer than 2,000 pages per month, it’s likely an A4 will be most cost effective for your office. Meanwhile, for offices with a small footprint and limited space for a printer, an A4 multifunction device may be the only choice, in spite of a need for larger print volumes.


Experts to help find the best office multifunction printer for you

The experts at EO Johnson Business Technologies are at the ready to help match you with the best office multifunction printer for your business. And having expertise on your side is vital. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there,” says Trehey, who explains that some vendors will cite a duty cycle rather than monthly volumes when selling multifunction printers. The result? You can wind up comparing apples to oranges. “Duty cycle is like parts that need maintenance, which is generally higher. An average monthly volume is what the manufacturer says you can run in a month,” he says.

Whether you need a high volume office printer, or simply a device that’s small in footprint and easy to use, finding the best printer, copier and scanner for your business is important to making your business better. The key when shopping for an A3 or A4 multifunction device is to be aware of what you’re being sold for your needs.

Contact us to speak with one of our skilled professionals who can help match you with the right printer, copier and scanner or multifunction device. The experts at EO Johnson Business Technologies will take into consideration your print volumes, your budget, your space, your needs and your wants, to ensure you get the best office multifunction device for you.



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