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Plagued by Poor Print Quality?

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Here's how to address this common problem at work

When poor print quality plagues you at the office, it can be extremely frustrating, particularly when you have to troubleshoot on deadline. Work doesn't stop just because your printer called in sick. At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we know printer pains are real. As part of our continuing series on common printer issues we hear from clients, we're taking on poor printer quality. We call it our February Fix-It Series.

You may be tempted to throw your printer or multifunction device out the window. But before you start searching for printer dealers near me, let's hear the best tips we've gathered from our printer experts on how to fix this common printing problem.

Common causes of poor print quality and solutions

There are numerous potential core issues that can cause poor print quality. And as such, there are many potential DIY fixes you can try. Here are some of our recommendations for addressing the most common printer problems that can lead to quality issues.

  1. Consider when maintenance and cleaning were last performed. If your machine is overdue for these essential upkeep steps, you can typically find instructions either inside the front door of your device or as part of the device's operating instructions. Clean the printer as well as the heads and cartridges using the proper cleaning techniques specified in your manual. If your machine has color capability you may also want to run the color calibration mode. Access the calibration mode through the control panel.

  2. Pick the proper paper. This is particularly important when printing on cardstock, labels, envelopes, or other special print jobs. Make sure the proper paper type is selected in the print driver when you send the job. Heavier and thicker paper needs higher fusing temperatures to make the toner adhere to the paper, so from a technical perspective, it's essential to select the right printer options for the paper you are using. In addition, it's important to make certain you are using paper appropriate to your printer. Paper designed for inkjet printers should not be used in laser printers, as inkjet printers don't use heat to help the toner adhere, so the paper can damage the fusing roller and create print quality problems.

  3. Use quality files. For the best quality images, make sure you are printing from the highest resolution file you have. Lower resolution images can lead to poor print quality.

  4. Make sure you have a current print driver installed. If you aren't certain, reach out to your IT department or call your servicing dealer, and the print image help desk will make sure the print driver is current.

  5. Look for messages on your printer indicating items need replacing. The machine's display panel often will display a notice that something needs replacing, such as a toner cartridge. If that is the case, simply replace the cartridge and try again. If you have a stand-alone printer or multifunction device, try running about 25 blank pages and see if the quality has improved. If it hasn't, it's probably time to reach out to your servicing dealer for a technician.

  6. If there is toner in the cartridge and the problem persists, call a pro. With other stand-alone printers or multifunction devices, if there is toner in the cartridge and the print quality is still bad, it's probably time to call your servicing dealer and get tech support.
Time to start searching for, "printer dealers near me?"

If you've given troubleshooting your best effort and it seems like your printer is ready for that big print shop in the sky, it's time to head for the browser search and type in "printer dealers near me." At EO Johnson Business Technologies, we serve clients in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, helping them select the business technologies that are right for them, including printers, copiers, and multifunction devices. Printing worry-free always starts with finding the right partner for your business technologies. That's why we're proud to be your partner from sales through service for your business machines.




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