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Zebra Labels and the Right Printer: Key Players in Your Business Strategy

3 min read

Steve Cain

The right label solutions can streamline processes

When your printer seems on the fritz...or worker productivity lags...did you know your label solutions may be the reason? That's where having the right label printer, expert tech partners, and Zebra labels come in.

Even in today's online ordering and shipping world, labels and label printers continue to be viewed as a commodity, not as an important component of a business strategy. But a label can do much more than simply identify an asset. It can help streamline processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and even give you the actionable insights needed to exceed key performance indictor (KPI) goals. In today’s business environment, often fewer employees are working per shift, managing more orders than ever before. Choosing the right label solution has never been more important to your business success.

Having the best label printer and labels
is vital

With so much to think about, it's natural to assume your labels and label printers are good enough. But your labeling process and workflows can have a profound impact on your business. Consider how much your business operations have changed over the years. What inefficiencies might you be experiencing if you have the same label specs you used 20 years ago? In addition, outdated labeling practices can create bottlenecks in your productivity, and can lead to productivity slowdowns when workers have to create workarounds for labels that aren't right for their specific business needs. From wasted work time to wasted supplies trying to adapt to a new workflow, to inability to route orders properly because of inaccuracies on your labels or inability to read them, problems associated with labels are many.

Maybe labels and label printers haven't been top of mind to this point. Yet, they are essential to identifying and addressing the supplies-related issues impacting your business.

Zebra labels: the positive ripple effects of the
right solution

Taking a holistic approach to labeling as an integral part of your business strategy means selecting the right label solution for your specific applications at the outset. The result will enable efficient workflows and provide countless additional benefits.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: when labels match applications and consistently print, adhere and scan properly, workers encounter fewer obstacles. Plus, IT receives fewer help desk tickets, which also keeps them focused on more valuable and strategic projects, and operations managers experience less downtime. In other words, everyone gets more done in less time.
  • Eliminates unnecessary creative solutioning. Employees don’t need to resort to costly and time-consuming ingenuity to make do with labels not developed for their specific application.
  • Eliminates over-engineered or underutilized labels that lead to the financial and material waste that typically occurs when printing solution procurement is siloed, without considering or understanding the labeling process as a whole.
  • Enables printing color on demand, greatly reducing errors on shipping labels used for cross docking and sorting. A Zebra label solution helped one customer get 19% more packages out the door in the same amount of time.
  • Can help streamline complex processes. The identification and labeling of parts, components and assets is a critical phase in the manufacturing processes, subject to stringent requirements for both manufacturers and their suppliers. A sound labeling solution can help avoid delayed shipments, loss of contracts, drop in supplier rating and slowdowns in productivity, which can adversely impact KPIs and profitability.
The right label printer and Zebra label solutions start here

EO Johnson Business Technologies is proud to be a Zebra channel partner. Obtaining the right label solution is a fairly easy task when you engage an expert and, in many cases, requires little to no IT support. Having the right technology partners by your side and tapping into its supplies-specific expertise takes the burden away from you and ensures that the selected solution seamlessly aligns with your specific workflows. For example, Zebra’s printing solution and supplies experts have been working with customers in every global industry for more than 30 years to build, implement and manage labeling applications.

When you give us a call, EO Johnson will conduct a discovery session to ensure we fully understand your label situation. From there, we can make a recommendation about everything from the printing hardware and software to the supplies you’ll need now and as your application evolves. We are not just selling you a label. We are providing you a solution that will help you improve your KPIs while minimizing your hard and soft costs.

Contact us to learn more about the right label printers and Zebra labels for your business.

This blog was sourced in part, with permission, from an article on Zebra's website about labels and their impact on printer function.




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