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Document Solutions for Business: Document Management can mean many things

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From secure document management services to business process improvement and automation of manual processes

If you find yourself looking at the stacks of paper and rooms of file cabinets wondering if there’s a better way, document solutions for your business may be just what you’re looking for. And though document management services can mean many things, the end results should include overall business process improvement, centralized storage, greater security and even automation of manual processes.

Jeff Balacek, process consultant for EO Johnson Business Technologies, has seen it all. “I have seen train cars filled with garbage bags full of documents that people thought they needed to keep,” he says. “I’ve seen large checks cut for storage units because they didn’t understand the retention cycle for their documents. We see huge amounts of dollars spent unnecessarily for the retention of paper.”

For most people who face these issues in their business, it’s often obvious there must be a better way. Knowing the next steps needed to get there, isn’t quite so clear. When you have a mountain of paper documents in front of you, perhaps decades of record keeping, the task can seem insurmountable.

But it’s not. That’s where EO Johnson Document Solutions comes in.

Increasing efficiency and productivity with document solutions for business

EO Johnson offers a suite of document solutions which, when combined, serve as a powerful system for optimizing your business.

Secure document management services

With end-to-end automation, archival, retention, security and audit reporting and compliance, EO Johnson’s secure document management solution reduces the amount of space you need to store your documents and forges more efficient processes. In addition, with centralized storage, all of your documents will reside in one spot instead of different network drives, emails and paper files. The result: you’ll be able to find and recall documents within seconds, instead of digging through multiple network file locations and even paper files.

And what’s more, you’ll have greater control over your sensitive company information. “You can secure documents down to a user or group,” explains Balacek. It’s a level of security many companies don’t currently have, which can ensure only approved individuals can read, modify and distribute company documents.

Research shows that companies with Document Management systems in place can cut costs by 40% and experience an ROI over five years of 404%. Of course, it all starts with finding the right partner. Check out our free resource on the 6 Keys to Hiring the Best Document Management Partner.

Business Process improvement

“Business as usual,” doesn’t always mean “business done right.” The truth is, improved processes lead to improved performance. That’s why reducing waste and variation in your business processes is so important.

“The first thing we help businesses understand is that their business is made up of a multitude of processes,” says Balacek.

That’s essential, as it’s possible to quantify any process, in terms of the time, revenue and cost of the process every time your team executes on it. The outcome is that it becomes clear what the process means to your organization from a cost and revenue basis.

The final step: optimize the process. “At the end of the day, a business can be more sustainable, more efficient, and more profitable,” says Balacek. “That’s truly our goal.”

Many smaller or medium sized businesses may not have their own project management team to analyze internal processes, and that’s where the experts at EO Johnson come in. “There’s a gap businesses deal with, and we assist in bridging that gap,” he says. That includes process mapping, through process optimization.

Put EO Johnson’s business process improvement experts to work for you and you and your team will reduce inefficiencies, discover opportunities, identify duplicated efforts and alleviate process bottlenecks. As a bonus, you’ll watch customer and employee satisfaction increase.  

Document Scanning and Conversion

How much are piles of paper documents, film or microfiche costing you in terms of time, storage, lack of security, loss of document integrity and inefficiency?

“With document scanning and conversion, our clients gain space that they otherwise would be occupying with paper and file cabinets, as well as security in knowing they have the ability to back up those files,” Balacek explains.

Imagine more access, quicker distribution and improved office productivity. With the document scanning and imaging options at EO Johnson, you’ll enjoy secure storage and perhaps the highest level of information organization your company has ever experienced. Simply put, with digitized information, you’ll have increased efficiency and security while driving down the costs associated with storing years of old paperwork.

The many benefits of document management services

Many of the benefits to business processes and optimization that come through a document management strategy are obvious. Increased efficiencies. Lower overhead. Improved security and so much more. But what might not be obvious is that the process can also help tear down barriers that are holding your team back from performing at their highest level. Through process mapping, areas of friction become clear, and issues are uncovered.

“That is something that we see pretty regularly. Work is being misplaced,” says Balacek. Uncovering problem areas is key to discovering solutions and efficiencies. In the end, it often changes the whole dynamic of the business. For leaders who want to make their business better, EO Johnson offers a powerful solution through their document management services. Whatever the size of your organization, or the scope of your document needs, contact us to learn more about document solutions for business.




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