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The Latest Technology in Wide-Format Printing

3 min read

Brett Zacho

Productivity, Flexibility, and Innovation

One of the biggest challenges in wide-format printing is improving productivity without sacrificing quality. The printing business wasn’t immune to the pandemic. With a tight labor market and a trend in remote work, there is a renewed interest in automation and efficiency. The pandemic also brought a trend in more adaptable and less permanent interior design. The new technological advances with Canon in the Arizona 2300 and the Colorado 1650 address these trends with improved productivity and flexibility.

Productivity and the Canon Arizona 2300 Printer

For print business owners and operators, productivity in the context of print production refers to the efficiency of a shop’s production process. Basically, it refers to how many jobs get done in a period of time – or getting more stuff out faster. When Canon introduced the Arizona 2300 and its FLOW technology, which is unique in the industry, the goal was to boost productivity and reduce bottlenecks – and it does just that. When an important rush job comes in, there is no warming up necessary on this printer. Additionally, the FLOW technology is a unique zoneless vacuum system that applies the suction only where it is required, eliminating the concept of vacuum zones and the need for masking. The Arizona 2300 is also the only flatbed on the market with an 8’x10’ bed, which allows a more seamless workflow. Here is a rundown of how the Arizona 2300 with FLOW technology can significantly improve your print production productivity.

Masking and Taping. The architecture of the vacuum table and suction system enables the media to “stick” securely to the bed without masking or taping the media. The table only activates the vacuum holes that are needed, leading to faster set-up times and quicker job changes. Virtually eliminating masking can lead to at least a 40% increase in productivity for many print jobs.

Registration and Duplexing. The extra registration pins allow for multi-origin registration, so boards can be placed to the left, right, or in the center of the bed. Multiple boards can also be printed simultaneously – whether they are all the same image or three different images. The Arizona 2300 allows for easy and accurate double-sided printing. For example, media is placed on the left and right side of the table, one side of the substrate is printed, it’s flipped, and then the second side is printed – again, with no masking required.

Unusual Shapes or Materials. The FLOW technology also makes it easier to print on oddly shaped, heavy, smooth, or pre-cut media without the use of a jig or other alignment tool. It can print on canvas, wood, glass, and other challenging substrates. Large images can easily be tiled across multiple boards.

With all these advancements, it’s no wonder the Canon Arizona series is the most industry-awarded flat-bed printer on the market today.

Flexibility and the Canon Colorado 1650 Printer

The Colorado 1650 allows printers greater creative control over the look and feel. The flexibility and multiple application use allows printers to do more for their customers while also improving productivity.

Custom Applications. There are many changes to how we live and work because of the pandemic. While we were isolated indoors, a new trend in design emerged for interiors to be more adaptable. The Colorado 1650 takes digital interior décor printing to a new level because of the more flexible and stretchable formulation of the Canon UVgel 460 inks and the FLXfinish technology. This combination of technological advances provides the ability to print either a glossy or matte finish, independent of media type, expanding the range of design. FLXfinish also provides another “first” in the industry – the ability to print gloss and matte in the same pass – talk about a game changer! The UVgel inks and UV LED curing form an ultra-thin, extremely durable layer on top of the media. Applications include designer wallpaper, floor decals, canvas prints, soft signage, and frontlits and backlits. In addition to providing industry-leading color consistency, prints are low odor for indoor usage. Canon Colorado prints are also extremely chemical and scratch resistant, which has been important these past two years as disinfectant cleaning has ramped up.

Improved Productivity and Profitability. The Colorado 1650 was designed with improved productivity and profitability in mind. Automation allows for nonstop printing without babysitting, no drying time means no waiting before finishing, and more efficient ink usage reduces expenses. With solvent printing, there are typically 6-24 hours of downtime. But, using the Colorado 1650 means print jobs are instantly ready for the next step of mounting, cutting, or finishing. It is also faster and less expensive than latex printing, saving eight to ten cents per square foot compared to latex. Prints exceed the Green Guard certification directly off the printer and come out instant dry – no need for lamination to achieve this certification, reducing turn times and cost.

Experience the Latest in Wide-Format Technology

These latest technological advances in wide-format printing from Canon are game changers, impacting more than one area in a print business – productivity, flexibility, profitability, and creativity. The experienced team at EO Johnson is available to demonstrate the latest in printing technology in our state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center. Contact us to learn more, get a print assessment, or schedule a visit.



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