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How to Clean a Printer

3 min read


These days, sanitizing your multifuction device is key

To keep employees, customers and the general public safe, these days you have to know how to clean a printer. Shared surfaces, like those on multifunction devices, can be easily sanitized between uses to minimize the spread of pathogens—which can sicken users and have serious personal consequences, not to mention economic fallout for businesses. In uncertain times, it's important to do all we can to protect those around us.

So, how do you clean your printer or multifunction device? Whether you want to protect people at the office as they return to work, or staff, faculty and students in schools, sanitizing multifunction devices or individual printers, copiers, fax machines, may play an important role in your plans.

Want to print out our top tips for your colleagues? Download our handy guide to cleaning your printers and sanitizing multifunction devices, on our website. Then, post it next to all of your devices for easy reference!

Cleaning your print devices: A guide

Disinfecting your print devices or multifunction devices starts with knowing what not to do. Here are some tips on what to avoid when cleaning office equipment like MFDs.

1. Don't douse your device: A sure way to damage your MFD when cleaning your print device is to spray a bunch of cleaning product on it. This can harm the delicate electronics of many devices, including printers and multifunction devices. In fact, take care to avoid dripping any moisture into electronics.

2. Back away from the bleach and abrasives: If you've got the scratch pad, the cleanser powder and the bleach out, back away from your devices. These can permanently scratch or damage your MFD.

3. Don't over-clean: Unless you are in a health care environment, aim to clean your device just three to five times per day, and no more.

Now that you know what not to do, here are some key tips for disinfecting your shared office devices.

1. First: check your ventilation: Make sure you have adequate ventilation for using cleaning supplies.

2. Second: wear the right PPE: Put on nitrile gloves or disposable latex gloves before touching the device. Don't have any handy at the office? Good news: we can help. As part of our ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of our community, we now carry PPE, which you can order for your organization, office or school. Best of all, you'll be ordering from a company you know and trust. To order PPE, including gloves, masks, face shields and disinfecting supplies, check out our offerings here. Note: not all disinfecting supplies are suitable for electronics. Check your manufacturer's instructions before cleaning your device with any chemical.

3. Third: power down your device: Turn off the device power, and go the extra mile by unplugging it.

4. Fourth: start wiping: Again, check manufacturer's instructions specific to your printer or multifunction device. In most cases, isopropyl wipes, or disinfecting wipes that are designated safe for electronics, can do the job safely and effectively. Take time to wipe down all surfaces that are touched often. Then, be sure to also wipe down display screens and control panels. It's best if you wipe in one direction: from top to bottom.

5. Fifth: wait: Wait a few minutes, until the device as air dried completely.

6. Last step: wrap up: You're almost done! Now it's time to discard your disposable gloves and wash your hands thoroughly.

Disinfecting and cleaning your devices protects those around you

Now you know the basics of how to clean a printer or multifunction device. Cleaning your printer and disinfecting your multifunction devices can seem like one more thing to do in your busy day. But in truth, it's an important step toward protecting coworkers, clients and the general public as a whole. With these steps, and by checking your manufacturer's specific instructions, you will be able to keep your devices sparkling and sanitized.

Need PPE for the office? Whether you're looking for masks, face shields, cleaning supplies, disposable gloves or other PPE, we can help. Check out our full slate of protective equipment and supplies to keep you and your business associates safe and healthy.



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